Dave Allen Vs David Price – One Punch 



Dave Allen Vs David Price – One Punch 


Dave Allen, fresh from his knockout win versus Lucas Browne, will take on David Price on 20th July 2019 – and we’ve compared two completely different careers which share one parallel, both of their stories have been defined by single punches.

If you had to pick two fighters who have had two completely different careers and opposite trajectories to bet against fighting each other in the boxing betting, Price and Allen would likely be your picks.

Price came roaring on to the scene, knocking out all the beer cans propped up in front of him, winning his first 15 fights (12 by knockout). After a long amateur career, he was thought to be the next big thing in the heavyweight scene.

Dave Allen on the other hand was a late entrant to the professional boxing scene, only taking part in his first professional fight at 20 years old after a really short and uninspiring amateur career. Whilst he’s never been heralded as the next big thing, he’s developed a massive following on social media and become a cult figure in the boxing scene.

Whilst there is a drastic difference between how they got on to the scene, Price’s star has since faded, disappointing losses mixed with a questionable chin has seen him move from world level down to a rebuilding job. Whilst Allen was picking up fights early in his career he had no business even considering. Since then, he’s put together an impressive run and Price’s downward trajectory has met with Allen’s upward trend and they are now matched up in what is seen as a winner-takes-all shot at a world title.

What has dominated both of these guys’ recent careers though are one punch finishes, wins from Allen and losses from Price:

David Price – 1 Punch Losses

Tony Thompson I

Price was matched up with Thompson as another potential scalp to add to his list. Thompson was at the ‘end’ of a long career and Price was expected to steamroll him – shock ensued when Thompson caught Price with a shot that rattled his head in the second round and sent him to the canvas.

Tony Thompson II 

Price wanted redemption in their second fight and was actually on course to winning, he knocked Thompson down in the second round and it looked like normal service would be resumed. Fast forward a few rounds and it seemed as if Price had slowly started giving up looking for the stoppage and was keeping Thompson at range. 

That was until, of course, Thompson caught Price with another heavy shot to the head to send him to the canvas.  Price actually beat the count but as he was staggering around the ring, the referee called off the fight.

Alexander Povetkin

Price spent his time after the Thompson double-header trying to rebuild his career and he was doing an ok job, not pulling up trees but going about his business in a decent way. That led him to being given a fight against the supremely durable Povetkin. 

It felt as though this was a carbon copy of his Thompson fight, he landed some good shots, nearly had Povetkin down until he was caught with a thundering punch, dropped his hands and gifted Povetkin space to pick a spot on his cranium and he was out before he hit the canvas.

Dave Allen – 1 Punch wins

Nick Webb

So after a few fights Dave shouldn’t have been anywhere near, (think Luiz Ortiz, Tony Yoka and Dillian Whyte), Allen began clawing his way back into contention for decent fights, but standing in his way was Nick Webb. Webb isn’t world level, nor upper-British level, and someone Allen should have had no problem in dispatching. Of course, Webb dominated a scruffy fight until the 4th round when he landed an absolute haymaker on the chin of Webb, resulting in a KO win.

Lucas Brown

After dispatching Webb, Samir Nebo and Ariel Bracamonte, Allen got his wish, a blockbuster showdown with former titlist Lucas Browne. Going in to this fight Allen was the underdog and that was clearly apparent too when the fight got underway. Browne’s superior skills kept Allen at a distance and carved him to pieces at will. 

Fast forward to the third round and Dave threw a right to the nose of Browne, breaking his nose, and fired a left hook to the body which sent the massive Aussie tumbling to the canvas and unable to make the count.

Fairly evidently, it looks as though this fight is going to be settled by a single punch, the only question left unanswered is whether it’s going to be thrown by Allen or by Price.