Cortes vs Nova Purse: Who Will Make Big Money?



Cortes vs Nova Purse: Who Will Make Big Money?

Andres Cortes, the undefeated super featherweight sensation, is set to take a significant leap in competition as he squares off against the formidable WBC #4 rated Abraham Nova. This highly anticipated clash will unfold at the iconic BleauLive Theater at Fontainebleau Las Vegas on Friday, June 21. As the fight draws near, we will take a look at the Cortes vs Nova purse to find out how much money is on the line.

Cortes vs Nova Purse: Legacy or Money?

With his signature golden dyed beard and a look-alike mascot, Abraham Nova is one of the flashiest characters you will see in the boxing ring. The Puerto Rican isn't just about showmanship; he has an impeccable record to back up his flair.

Nova has lost only twice in his 25-bout career, but both losses came in his last seven fights, potentially revealing some emerging chinks in his armor.

The blemishes on Nova's record come from a knockout defeat in the fifth round by future world featherweight champion Robeisy Ramirez and a narrow split-decision loss to reigning super featherweight world champion O’Shaquie Foster. This Friday, in his first fight since falling short against Foster, he faces the undefeated 21-0 Andres Cortes.

Andres Cortes is yet to taste defeat in his career, but Nova is more formidable than any of the opponents he have faced in his 21-bout career. Savage started the year with a corner-stoppage win against Bryan Chevalier. 

Cortes is known for his fearsome punching, having secured eleven knockouts throughout his career. While his most recent KO might be from 2021, his opponents continue to feel the sting of his incredible power. 

Even when not securing knockouts, Cortes's strength lies in his well-rounded approach. He mixes up his punches, targeting both the body and head, and capitalizes on any openings his opponents give him. 

Boxing Fighter Payouts: Cortes vs Nova

We are sure that the Cortes vs Nova purse will not bring in career-defining money for either fighter. 

Cortes has been climbing up the ranks, so he has not been part of crazy money bouts just yet. Nova, on the other hand, is a more experienced fighter and received a hefty check in his previous fight. 

Supernova could not snatch away the WBC super featherweight title from O'Shaquie Foster in February, but he still made $125k for his efforts. Since Cortes vs Nova will be the co-main event of the Espinoza vs Sanchez fight, we are sure that the Cortes vs Nova prize money will not reach the $500k purse of the Nova-Foster fight. 

That said, Nova’s income will not go down significantly since he will be the primary attraction of this bout. Nova should draw the larger share of the Cortes vs Nova payout, while Cortes settles for a lower cut. 

Boxing fighter pay estimates are rarely so straightforward, but given the record of both fighters, we foresee an overall purse worth $150k. 

As mentioned above, Nova will demand higher pay, which should see him make $100k from the encounter. Cortes might be looking at a $50k payday on the other hand. 

Bren Gray is our resident Kiwi, and has been writing about sports since he could first string words together. He first fell in love with boxing when David Tua took on Lennox Lewis in 2000, and hasn't looked back since.