Conor McGregor Accused Of Sexual Assault At NBA Finals Game



Conor McGregor Accused Of Sexual Assault At NBA Finals Game

TW// Talks of sexual assault below

Conor McGregor is in hot water once again as he's accused of sexually assaulting a girl at game 4 of the Heats vs Nuggets NBA finals series. The Irish superstar was there at the game to promote his new product, Tidl, and gave a mascot a few of his patented left hands in the process.

Allegations say that McGregor sexually assaulted a woman in Miami during an NBA game. McGregor has denied these allegations. The alleged victim, not indentified, had her attorney, Ariel Mitchell, send demand letters to McGregor's legal team and the NBA tracing the incident.

The allegations claim that she was focred into the bathroom by NBA security. McGregor's team was in the bathroom after the woman was separated from her friend by the aforementioned NBA security. She was then forced into a handicap stall, where McGregor was waiting and, allegedly, stuck his tongue in the woman's mouth before forcing her to perform oral sex.

Per the letters, she was able to escape after elbowing McGregor, but left her purse, which Conor's team used as a bargaining tool. McGregor's team has denied these claims; they said that they “will not be intimidated” and that the “allegations are false.”

More about Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is the biggest name the UFC has ever produced. The Irish superstar made his promotional debut back in 2013, where he steamrolled through the competition. His fighting success coupled with his affinity for talking trash made him must-see television early on. He talked the talk and walked the walk.

After defeating Chad Mendes for the featherweight interim title, in 2015, ‘Notorious' went to unify the belt against long-reigning champion and the then-featherweight GOAT, Jose Aldo. McGregor snapped Aldo's 18 fight winning streak in just 13-seconds. McGregor then went on to win a second UFC title,. becoming the first over double champion in UFC history.

Conor McGregor Net Worth 2023

McGregor is a very prolific man in terms of making money. Aside from fighting, he's got plenty of streams for income. Though his heart is still in the fight game, as we can see with him hosting The Ultimate Fighter, it's very clear that he does not need to fight for money ever again.

As of 2023, McGregor's net worth is approximately 200 million dollars.

Conor McGregor's Wife To Be

Conor McGregor and his fiancé, Dee Devlin, have been together since around the 2008 mark when McGregor was only 19-years-old. The couple have three children together, and Devlin is pregnant with a fourth.

These allegations are certain to affect things for the McGregor family and 2023 timeline. Though McGregor has yet to jump in the USADA testing pool, many fans are holding their breath for the announcement of McGregor vs Michael Chandler. The UFC is aware of this unfortunate situation and has released a statement.

Is This A Final Nail In The Coffin?

This isn't the first time that the ‘Notorious' has found himself in a bad spot with the public eye. He's a brash man that has made a lot of mistakes. However, this is the most serious Conor McGregor allegations yet. Victims of sexual assault are often talked over or are too frightened to speak at all. It's very important that, if the allegations are true, justice is served so that the victim can try and move forward with her life.

However, if McGregor and his team are being honest in their saying that these claims have no validity to them, then it's certainly a shame that this is happening now, at a time where Conor could be making a huge career resurgence, in terms of fighting, with his coaching role on The Ultimate Fighter and the looming bout against ‘Iron' Michael Chandler.

Conor has also been active in making appearances. Not just in the NBA, but McGregor is often seen at MMA events supporting teammates. He even showed up to a BKFC event to watch former opponents Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez mix it up in the ring.

We'll keep you posted as this story further develops.

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