Chris Algieri Is Again Ready To Rumble…But This Time, Be Smarter About It



Chris Algieri Is Again Ready To Rumble…But This Time, Be Smarter About It

Chris Algieri checked in with NYF a couple days ago, telling us that he’s been in camp with Danny Jacobs, helping the Brooklyner get ready for a Nov. 11 showdown at Nassau Coliseum, on Long Island, where Algieri calls home.

The 147 pound boxer/nutritionist has mostly been helping Jacobs with the nutrition/conditioning side of things, more so than with in the ring work. “I’ve been monitoring his weight this time, it’s gonna be an easy weight cut,” Algieri said. “He’s in fantastic shape, you’ll see he’s ripped to shreds already, his conditioning is great, been running with him, and I actually went in and did a couple rounds of sparring with him. My defense is still pretty sharp!”

Did that rouse fighting fires within him? Algieri last gloved up in April 2016, getting stopped out in round ten by young gun Errol Spence.

He’d beaten Erick Bone before that, after a two fight slide against Manny Pacquiao and then Amir Khan. He’s 33, he’s clearly been testing other waters rather than the fighting life…so, where does that stand? “Everyone always asks me, how do you like it on this side? And I say, I don’t! I like being in the ring, I like being the guy! I’m ready mentally, I’m ready physically. We just gotta find the right spot.”

Has he tried to tweak his game, to get back on a W streak?

“It’s a style and technique thing,” he explained, at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, noting that his conditioning and prep has been solid. “I really gotta find out what works for me, I’ve been working on that these past 18 months and I think we’re getting that much closer. I gotta go back to what I really I am, I gotta know what I am..I’m a sharp boxer that throws a lot of damn punches! Being smart, throwing lots of punches, using my head, not being a tough guy for the sake of being tough. I think it was after the Pacquiao fight, and going into the Khan fight, I had to be aggressive in that fight and I fell in love with that too much,” he said. If he had boxed more and not traded, he thinks, he could have and would have won that fight.

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