Charlo vs Benavidez Jr Prediction: Bad Blood Embodied



Charlo vs Benavidez Jr Prediction: Bad Blood Embodied

This Charlo vs Benavidez Jr prediction is for a fight set to take place on November 25th in Las Vegas, which has massive stakes. Not only are both Jermall Charlo and Jose Benavidez Jr in the primes of their fighting careers and are seeking an opportunity to gain their place in the boxing community's spotlight, but this fight has turned into a feud — which is sure to manifest in a thrilling, bloody battle in the ring. 

While a Jermall Charlo vs Jose Benavidez Jr prediction might seem easy on the surface, there are multiple factors to this upcoming bout which might surprise boxing fans who aren't familiar with Jose Benavidez Jr's game. While Jermall Charlo's undefeated excellence is well known, Jose Benavidez Jr — the older brother of David Benavidez, this fight card's headliner — is eager to prove that the best is yet to come. 

Benavidez vs Andrade: Charlo vs Benavidez Jr Prediction

Jermall Charlo Preview

Despite it being well over two years since his last fight, Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo is still considered one of the world's best boxers. If Charlo — an undefeated, 32-0 fighter with 22 KO's — was asked to give his Charlo vs Benavidez prediction, he would likely say he'll make quick work of Benavidez Jr on Saturday. And considering that Charlo is entering this fight as a massive -900 favorite, that may very well be the case. 

Jermall Charlo is best known in the ring for his aggressive fighting style, his world-class jab, and his devastating punching power. This was best displayed on his title fight against Dennis Hogan in December 2019.

After gradually wearing Hogan down with his jab throughout the first half of the fight, Charlo set Hogan down a second time with a crazy fast left hook — which Hogan never recovered from, earning Charlo a seventh-round TKO victory. 

Charlo will likely look to mirror this gameplan against Benavidez Jr. Being the taller, longer, and most likely faster fighter in the ring, Charlo should be able to stick Benavidez Jr with his jab at will. After a round or two of that, he'll likely start adding hooks to the body into the mix, which will lower Benavidez Jr's arms just enough to open a window for the hooks to the head.

And all it would take is for one Charlo hook to land clean for this fight to end early. 

Jose Benavidez Jr Preview

If Jose Benavidez Jr was offer up a Charlo vs Benavidez Jr prediction, we can imagine what he might say: that the night will end with Charlo face up on the canvas. And while some may refuse to believe this is a real possibility, Jose Benavidez Jr has proven multiple times throughout his career that he can — and will — prove doubters wrong. 

Benavidez Jr — a boxer with a 28-2-1 record, which includes 19 KO's — lasted nearly twelve rounds against Terence Crawford back in 2018, went toe to toe with Danny Garcia in 2022 after a nearly four-year layoff from boxing, and most recently finished Sladan Janjanin in the fifth round of their fight back in August of this year. In that fight, Benavidez Jr displayed lightning-fast hands and power in his punches that many hadn't remembered from before his layoff. And he'll need that power on Saturday.

While Benavidez Jr will enter the ring Saturday as a +550 underdog, and as the physically smaller and less powerful boxer, he could use the bad blood brewed between him and Charlo as a form of mental warfare. If he can get under Charlo's skin before and during the fight (as he already has), that may help him secure an upset victory. 

Jermall Charlo vs Jose Benavidez Jr: A Gradual, Gruesome Mauling 

Our Charlo vs Jenavidez Jr prediction is that Jermall Charlo will knock out Jose Benavidez Jr in the ninth round. 

We believe that Jermall Charlo is a better boxer than Jose Benavidez Jr, and will outclass him for most of the fight before landing a punishing knockout blow in the fight's later rounds. As we've previously mentioned, Charlo is the taller, longer fighter in this 163-pound catchweight bout, and should be able to utilize his speedy jab with brutal efficiency. This, along with mixing up body shots, will eventually open up Benavidez Jr's head, which could result in a devastating knockout — currently at appealing +155 odds. 

Yet, Jose Benavidez Jr has proved that he's one of the toughest boxers around, and we believe he'll be able to withstand Charlo's power for most of the fight. Still, we're intrigued the +850 line for Charlo to knock Benavidez Jr out in rounds 9-10. However, Benavidez Jr. could also shock the world and secure a decisive victory at longshot +1000 odds.

While this Charlo vs Benavidez Jr fight is only the co-main event, many boxing fans are more excited for this fight than the one after it, considering the bad blood between Charlo and Benavidez Jr. If the fight is anything like the buildup, fans will be leaving Las Vegas happy.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.