Canelo Takes The W Over Jacobs In A Tactical Affair in Vegas and on DAZN



Canelo Takes The W Over Jacobs In A Tactical Affair in Vegas and on DAZN

High hopes had us thinking, more so hoping, we'd get a classic, a fight of the year rumble at T-Mobile in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and on DAZN.

No deal…

Canelo Alvarez was the better ring general, and Danny Jacobs wasn't pulling the trigger often enough to convince the judges he was the better man.

By scores of 115-113, 115-113, and 116-112, Canelo snagged another belt, the IBF one that Jacobs had with him.

The WBC and WBA titlist Canelo went 188-466 to 131 of 649 for the loser. No, this was not a high volume effort, nor was it a barn-burner. The vibe never went in that direction, neither man was acting ruthless, or throwing caution to that wind.

Jacobs, age 32, came in with a 35-2 record. Canelo, age 28, entered 51-1-2.

In the first, it was a feeling out round, both respected the other. Canelo looked vastly smaller, as well.

In round two, one, two, three rips to the body by Canelo. The action was heating up, they edged closer at the end. That body work was absent later, for Canelo.

In round three, Danny went lefty to start. He'd gone lefty for a bit in two. He started to open up a bit more. Did he win he round? He worked in retreat a lot, would the judges reward that?

In four, Canelo was defending so smartly. He saw everything coming at him. The Danny jab looked a bit slow, because Canelo was slipping it all.

In the fifth, Canelo switched levels, moved his head and torso so well, as he edged forward, snapped a jab, ripped hooks, low and high. To the sixth–after Andre Rozier told Danny to pick it up, that he didn't want to come up a bit short, we saw Danny pick it up. He got busier. Then Danny went lefty and he didn't overwhelm offensively, but Canelo wasn't being as aggressive, either.

In round 7, we saw the Mexican get tagged by a left, from lefty Danny. Canelo wasn't as confident versus the lefty. At all…Then Danny went righty, and Canelo got back on the attack. Rozier told Danny to be more aggressive, step to him.

In the eighth, we saw Jacobs get tagged with the left hook, when Danny was righty. Then it got furious as they got closer. The distance tightened and we saw trading. Tossup round.

To the ninth…We saw lefty Danny. Canelo wasnt as confident against the lefty. Canelo landed hard…then Danny smashed with a left hook. He was back and forth, lefty and righty. To round ten–Righty Danny was now acting like the bigger and more confident boxer. Same as before…tight round.

To the 11th…Canelo's jab was snapping better last round and this one. Canelo was the busier. He took that round. To the 12th…A left hook missed and Danny fell. Canelo jabbed a bunch, was an ace ring general. We went to the cards….

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