Arum-Prince-Floyd Story Making the Rounds



Arum-Prince-Floyd Story Making the Rounds

THE boxing story making the rounds yesterday into today had Bob Arum recollecting how he once saved Floyd Mayweathers' tail…and head and body, maybe, too.

On the ESPN show Highly Questionable on Friday, Arum recalled that Mayweather was going to dump James Prince as his rep and wanted to wait to book his next fight till after that marriage ended. J didn't like that idea, Arum said, and some persons–he doesn't know on orders from who was this home run derby attempted–tried to instill some Louisville Slugger wisdom into Floyd on the matter, on the noggins of some of his crew. Floyd got the hint and Arum was asked to advance money from the forthcoming fight to Prince.

That was back in 2003; eventually Floyd found the advisor he needed to get him to the status he enjoyed when he left the ring this summer, Al Haymon.

Prince and Floyd have basically left each other alone since, though the rap record mogul Prince took shots at Floyd three years ago after Floyd dissed Andre Ward, a Prince client.

FYI I messaged Prince to ask him if he wanted to respond and also Tweeted Floyd the same offer. No replies, no surprise.

My take: Arum has a few more juicy stories which feature him dealing with Floyd getting into messes, I dare say. “Money” used to get into tiffs on the regular and the runoff would reach Top Rank.

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