Andy Ruiz Tells Joe Rogan The Anthony Joshua Rematch WILL NOT Take Place In England



Andy Ruiz Tells Joe Rogan The Anthony Joshua Rematch WILL NOT Take Place In England

Yeah, it's sunk in. It felt like a dream for a week, maybe a week and a half, Andy Ruiz told Joe Rogan, the MMA analyst and podcaster…then he realized, no, I won, I am the champ, that belt is mine.

Ruiz, the 29 year old hitter who lives in Cali, sat down with Rogan, in studio, and he came off as chill, and grateful.

“You are the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion of the world,” Rogan declared, and said, “the love you must be getting!”

Indeed; Ruiz said he gets swamped a lot, even at the grocery store. “It's a blessing, I appreciate all my fans,” said the 33-1 fighter.

Ruiz said he appreciates all this that much more, because he'd parted ways with Top Rank, and had to pay off his contract. He thanked Al Haymon for helping him get out of the TR pact.

Ruiz talked about THAT win. “The real people that know about boxing, they know about the skills I have,” he said, allowing that's why many folks thought Anthony Joshua would steam-roll him.

Here are some takeaway bullet points:

–Ruiz said he doesn't need no PEDs, and that came up after the Dillian Whyte case came up. “I have a six pack under my belly,” the fighter said, smiling. Of VADA, he said, “They're the best. They're fucking strict, man. They'll go looking for you wherever you're at, at your house, at the gym. They take blood out, they take piss out. I like it.” Rogan said “we all want to avoid” increasing the danger factor, and that comes when guys get that extra edge with PEDs.

Ruiz and Rogan both said it looks like AJ takes something extra, because his body is so beautiful. “I don't know if that's natural. What do you think?” the host asked. If he did use exotics, it didn't work, said Ruiz. And, he said, he is uncertain if an AJ will get tested as strictly in the UK. “It's (the rematch) not gonna be over there,” said Ruiz, letting that cat outta the bag. “We know it's not gonna be in England,” Rogan said, “No it's not,” Ruiz responded.

–Rogan joked that Ruiz' physique gives regular Joes hope and has them fearless about taking their shirt off at the beach.

–Remember Butterbean? Rogan recalled that the Bean, not a slim and svelte sort, also snuck some wins in there…

–So, Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury, and AJ are out there. What's next? “The rematch between me and Anthony Joshua, we're still negotiating,” Ruiz said, and yes, that will happen before the end of 2019. “Sometime in December…it's gonna come out pretty soon,” he said. He didn't want to share WHERE. “The where's gonna be out soon.” He spoke about the US sites as being past tense, it looked like, so do we think that the sequel will indeed unfold in England? I did, until Ruiz let it slip.

–Rogan pointed out that just six months ago, Ruiz was not on top of the world. He has five kids, he shared, and so it makes it that much better being on top.

Andy Ruiz came on the Joe Rogan show to talk about his win over Anthony Joshua.

Andy Ruiz came on the Joe Rogan show to talk about his win over Anthony Joshua.

–And staying on top…what will he do differently, if anything? Ruiz said he will get a big house, in Mexico, and do a closed camp. “We're just gonna work hard and do it again,” he stated. Will there be other changes, S n G, nutrition? He said he will have those support staffers at the ready.

–He said he had a nutritionist for the first fight, Ruiz said, and this time, he might do some weights, to “tighten up.” Is he thinking, if it ain't broke? Pretty much, Ruiz said, same as before, but just “more intense.”

–Rogan stayed on the nutrition track…Ruiz said he doesn't like to eat too much meat, because he gets constipated. He does love white rice, he said. And what about the strength and conditioning? He does explosive sprints, and regular stuff. He's old school, he told Rogan fans.

–But he enjoys some trappings. He drives a Rolls, but he was driving a Porsche before, he told JR. And a Beemer before that…

–They delved even further back; Ruiz said he started fighting at age 7, and Rogan said that often results in those types being very fluid with their shots.

–And how many times has Ruiz watched the bout? About 30 times, he said, and he will watch more, to see what he did wrong.

–“Boxing's on fire,” said Rogan, mentioning the good bouts that have unfolded, and noting how packed the heavyweight division is, with the New Big Four flexing their muscles and profiles. “It's this incredible, incredible time for boxing,” the UFC fixture said.

–Ruiz admitted it can get lonely in training, missing his kids, missing his lady, missing sex.

Andy Ruiz appeared on "The Joe Rogan Experience" to talk about his rise to prominence.

Andy Ruiz appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” to talk about his rise to prominence.

–250, 255, that is his best weight…but the 267 for AJ worked very well for him, he shared.

–And will it be hard to stay sharp mentally, not let the trappings get to your head? Ruiz thinks he can stay head screwed on straight and he has people around him, including his dad, who will tell him if he starts to stray. Like Mike Tyson, Rogan said, he thought he was on top of the world…and then he did stuff like buy tigers.

–Rogan noted that Ruiz came with a huge entourage, but Ruiz said those are family and tight friends.

–“I want to be the Mexican Rocky, I want to keep defending my titles,” Ruiz said. And, OK, rematch in December…then what? “I'd love to fight Tyson Fury,” he said, and yep, he'd love that WBC belt, as well. “I'll be the new king.”

–Ruiz said he thinks highly of Errol Spence. Rogan also slyly implied that Manny Pacquiao does something heavy duty to get into gear in his homeland.

–Ruiz said that Fernando Vargas was his favorite fighter as he grew up. He picked up from Julio Cesar Chavez going to the body, he relayed.

–Boxing IS an art…it's like a movie, it is the entertainer, the artist expressing themselves, said the host.

–He said he trained with Freddie Roach, Jeff Grmoja, and then Abel Sanchez. He said he trained himself, basically, for his fight with Joseph Parker, because Abel had to fly out and work with others.

“I wasn't really focused for that fight,” he admitted. He loves working with Manny Robles, now. (Hear Robles on the Talkbox podcast here.) “I'm comfortable right there,” he said.

–GGG is a very strong dude, Ruiz said; he wrestled with Golovkin and GGG picked him up.

–Ruiz said he wants to retire at 35, he's written it down to cement it.

–His dad does real estate, and has low income housing, and he'd be doing that with dad if he weren't fighting. Post fighting, he doesn't want to train guys, he'd like to be a promoter, like Oscar De La Hoya.

Bottom line: Rogan asked a bunch of times, how does it feel. He is a good interviewer, because of his enthusiasm. He seems truly curious about how the subject feels. Also, he likes eff bombs. Ruiz is very relaxed in taking questions. He is patient as a subject, and you never see his blood pressure rising. He maintains an upbeat but consistently mellow energy.

Yes, I will be eager to see how he does in his first fight back after his world exploded in a good way. It will be very hard to work as hard for the sequel, it will be hard not to know that the Rolls is in the lot, there to take him away if he gets annoyed with the grind. “You are a great guy, and a great role model,” said Rogan, and lauded him as a “bad motherfucker” as well.

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