7 Questions With Jay McFarlane



7 Questions With Jay McFarlane


Life is full of surprises.  Occasionally something highly unusual happens and when it does it brings with it a great deal of attention.  This has been the case recently for young Scottish heavyweight Jay “Kidd Dynamite” McFarlane (on Twitter @JayMcFarlane666) as the boxer from Glasgow announced he has been added to the Golovkin-Jacobs undercard at Madison Square Garden on March 18.

The nineteen year old (2-0, 2KOs) realises that this is a fantastic opportunity at this early stage of his campaign as a professional.  Read on to find out more about Jay and how this chance came about and if you happen to be going to The Garden on March 18 perhaps think about heading in early in order to witness McFarlane's US debut in person.  Who knows in years to come it could be something to tell the grand children about!


CM: Hi Jay, could you start by telling the readers about yourself and your boxing journey so far.  Amateur campaign, what style of boxer you are etc?

JM: My boxing journey so far has been amazing.  I wouldn't change a thing.  I've had so many different experiences, good and bad, through the years.  I am actually starting to learn my craft and learning to box as previously I would fight with my face through the amateur and unlicensed fights.  I will become the ultimate fighter as I learn more and sharpen my tools.

CM: You've been added to the GGG-Jacobs card at Madison Square Garden on March 18.  How did that come about and when were you aware that it may be a possibility?

JM: I have actually known since before my debut.  I had a brief meeting with Team GGG down in London after the Kell Brook fight and they had told me it was a possibility.  To actually be announced and confirmed was unbelievable.

CM: How does it feel right now knowing you'll be boxing in such an iconic arena on the same show as great champions like Golovkin, Chocolatito and Cuadras?

JM: It's indescribable.  There are champions, former champions and future champions all involved on this card and here's me, the little fat kid from Glasgow, that was brought up in a place where dreams like this are just dreams.

CM: As you say opportunities like this are not very common for fighters from this part of the world.  What's the reaction been like from your gym mates and the boxing community as a whole?  Also are you contemplating any changes to your routine or training in the buildup to this fight?

JM: My gym mates have been very supportive.  My training has been the hardest it's ever been but it'll all be worth it when I am victorious and have my arm raised in that beautiful square circle.

CM: I notice from your record you have 2KO wins from your two fights.  Is it safe to assume “Kidd Dynamite” will be looking to make it three in a row at The Garden in two weeks time?

JM: Of course.  I carry myself as a tough, hard hitting fighter.  KOs are my aim along with impressing the American crowd.  I hope they accept me.  I really can't wait and this ‘dynamite' is ready to explode.

CM: I realise this one is dripping with irony but I've got to ask – have you been swamped with media requests since the announcement of your fight in New York?

JM: The media attention has been unbelievable.  I am grateful that all of the press have been so kind to help put my name out there.

CM: Finally, what are the plans for the rest of 2017 or are you just solely concentrating on your upcoming fight?

JM: I have a few fights lined up.  I won't give away too much but on massive undercards.  I just can't wait to get to NYC and strut my stuff, show who I am and put my name out there as an up and comer.

A boxing fan since his teenage years, Morrison began writing about the sport in July 2016. He appreciates all styles of boxing and has nothing but respect for those who get in the ring for our entertainment. Morrison is from Scotland and can be found on Twitter @Morrie1981.

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