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Michael Hunter Defeats Sergey Kuzmin at MSG Theater



Michael Hunter Defeats Sergey Kuzmin at MSG Theater

Smart boxing, solid stamina and a savvy game plan brought Michael Hunter, in his first 12 rounder the W on Saturday at the Hulu Theater, in NYC, and on DAZN.

Hunter entered at 17-1, from Vegas, while Sergey Kuzmin, from Russia, was 15-0. The WBA intercontinental heavyweight belt was up for grabs, on this Matchroom show.

After 12, the judges concurred with just about anyone watching…Hunter snagged the win, by scores of 117-110, times three, with a knockdown giving him an extra point.

In the first, Kuzmin (258) buzzed Hunter a bit.

In the second, Hunter (221) got smart, he knew that this wasn't cruiser. He shortened up punches and moved more.

In the third, Hunter's mobility helped him, again.

In the fourth, Hunter saw Kuzmin drop his hands, dissing his power. But Hunter moved better, and kept himself out of range better. Body work from Hunter started to work.

In the fifth, down went Kuzmin. Then, more body work from Hunter. The left hook detonated and caused the knockdown.

In the sixth, was Hunter slowing down? He was on the bike, was Kuzmin coming on?

In the 7th, a right cross from Kuzmin started the round well. He edged forward, very slowly, and didn't press Hunter enough, as the Las Vegan moved where and when he wanted to.

In the 8th, the distance closed. Both were a bit tired…Hunter dug down, and brought some volume. Then Kuzmin answered, he was touching Hunter more cleanly.

In round nine, more fatigue. In the tenth, movement ceased, they were center ring. Then Hunter moved again, he knew he was ahead on point, probably. He stayed smart to the end of the round.

To the 11th…Hunter went down…no knockdown. He took a knee, from being tired. Kuzmin was still a bit dangerous. To the 12th…Hunter stayed busy, just enough, not too busy, he showed ample stamina, though he wasn't moving so much by now. Kuzmin tried to bull and smash late. No deal, Hunter's vision was sharp, he saw what was coming. To the cards we'd go….

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