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Famed NYC Canine Picks AJ To Beat Ruiz



Famed NYC Canine Picks AJ To Beat Ruiz

Ahead of this Saturday’s Anthony Joshua / Andy Ruiz fight at MSG, NYPD legend Sage the K9 has cast her prediction on the fight’s outcome; a win by knock-out for Anthony Joshua in Round 7.

Sage, a NYPD canine officer who has saved countless lives and brought down drug lords, made her choice emphatically clear after nuzzling a boxing glove in front of a cut-out of Anthony Joshua – see video HERE.

LT Dave Siev, Head of the NYPD Boxing Club and Smoker Talk said; “Sage has the know-how, she's been in the field for a while and she knows how to read people. I would say her prediction is spot on. We’re all very excited to welcome AJ and Ruiz to New York City.”

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