KSI vs Tommy Fury Press Conference Recap



KSI vs Tommy Fury Press Conference Recap

Misfits x DAZN 10 is here! This weekend, KSI and Logan Paul take centre stage on the Prime card, facing off against Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis respectively. Here though, we are recapping and analysing the press conference, as KSI and Tommy faced off for the second time.

KSI and Fury Fire Verbal Broadsides

As expected, KSI and Fury wasted little time in getting to the business of insulting each other.

KSI apologises for ugly scenes at the final press conference before his  showdown with Tommy Fury – after hurling a 'homophobic slur' at John Fury  during their clash in the cage - CN

KSI has repeatedly promised an upset of epic proportions, citing his training at London Shoot Fighters as a big factor. (Image Credit: CN)

Fury (sporting a Manchester United jersey) and KSI (wearing a lime green suit) immediately picked up where they had left off in London at the first press conference. Fury once again claimed that KSI won't make it past the halfway point of the fight, whilst KSI claimed that Tommy will be knocked unconscious and that he won't be able to handle his movement.

One interesting point that KSI referred to was his training at London Shoot Fighters, home to fighters such as Michael “Venom” Page. KSI has repeatedly warned Tommy that he will struggle to match his pace and his unpredictable movement, whilst Tommy continues to dismiss KSI's boxing skill and fundamentals. They then faced off inside a cage (?), where Tommy ridiculed KSI for being a “middleweight”, whilst he is “too big and too strong”.

John Fury Takes Centre Stage…Again.

To the shock of absolutely nobody, John Fury (the father of both Tyson and Tommy) seized the limelight by himself yet again.

As with every event he attends, John Fury was able to make the event all about himself. Once KSI landed on the stage. Fury's typical interruptions started. I won't get in to everything Fury said, because you can probably imagine all of the now-tired catchphrases and insults. Disappointingly, we only really got around 10 minutes of actual questioning, mostly because of Fury's irritating antics once again taking centre stage.

John Fury punches cage during son Tommy's face-off with boxing rival KSI -  Mirror Online

KSI and Fury (bizarrely) faced off inside of a cage following their press conference, whilst John Fury (white shirt) tried to punch and head butt the plexiglass. (Image Credit: The Mirror)

Most embarrassingly, when KSI and Tommy faced off inside of this cage, Tommy invited his father into said cage (presumably to try and promote this fight more) to face off against KSI. He then proceeded to punch and head butt the plexiglass (for some reason), before getting dragged out of the cage whilst KSI simply smirked at him.

Dillon Danis Spills Blood

Whilst not related to the KSI vs Fury press conference, it's worth mentioning Dillon Danis and Logan Paul's press conference immediately beforehand. Following some pretty brutal back-and-forth (which strangely included Chris Hansen, of all people!), Logan proceeded to throw a bottle below the belt at Danis, who then spiked Paul in the head with a microphone, opening up a pretty nasty cut.

It's safe to say that the stakes for tomorrow just got a LOT higher. You do not want to miss this event – Misfits x DAZN 10, live from Manchester, England!

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