You Can Do Boxing and Education At the Same Time



You Can Do Boxing and Education At the Same Time

You Can Do Boxing and Education At the Same Time

Many schoolers dream of becoming athlete students. They believe that athletes are popular, have a strong physique, and participate in all possible extra-academic activities to make any college admissions officer swoon. Moreover, the experts from Pro-Papers claim that students who take up some boxing get lots of health benefits. Boxing has proved to help athlete-students improve their cardiovascular fitness, enhance their body strength, train better physical coordination, reduce stress, and lose weight. Unfortunately, very few get athletic scholarships.

When it comes to boxing grants, things are worse as compared with hockey, volleyball, and other sports. This is mainly because boxing is no longer an NCAA sport. Nevertheless, if you are keen on it and are currently in need of a relevant scholarship, then read on. Here, we will discuss all possible grants out there, as well as educational institutions that offer boxing programs.

It is Hard to Find a Boxing Scholarship for a Reason

Most schools don’t have much to offer when it comes to boxing lessons. Truth be told, they are mainly focused on training wrestlers, basketball and baseball players. For this very reason, young boxers have nothing to do but to join private gyms where they develop and improve their fighting ability, instead of doing homework.

Unfortunately, even those educational institutions that have boxing programs don’t offer any boxing scholarship. Therefore, aspiring boxers are brought to train in boxing clubs after school. It is known as amateur boxing, and everybody, who goes in for it, strives to win in as many amateur boxing tournaments as possible to get sponsorship from USA Boxing in the long run.

Every athlete-student, who is either currently enrolled or recently accepted to a 4-year college or a uni and who is or is about to become a member of USIBA, can apply for the $10000 Ira Mitzner Scholarship. The latter was established in the memory of Ira Mitzner, who was born in New York in the 1940s. It was his grandfather who introduced this sport to the boy. However, Mr. Mitzner decided to go in for the law to work as a lawyer.

Nevertheless, when he was fifty years old, he returned to boxing as a great way to de-stress himself and improve his physical wellbeing. Mr. Mitzner believed that this sport helps young people to train such qualities as courage, eagerness, and constancy.

To apply for the grand you will have to provide:

· an application form;

· a reference letter from your trainer;

· your transcripts;

· a signed release that will allow the scholarship organization to call your educational institution.

Educational Institutions That Have Specific Programs

Since your chances of becoming a scholarship recipient are extremely slim, it makes sense to look for an educational institution that offers boxing training. Below, there are some establishments that are NCBA members, and they have the programs that are focused mainly on training aspiring fighters.

If you are bent on boxing, then look into the possibility to join one of the below-mentioned establishments. Don’t neglect to contact all of them to learn more about what they offer. Of course, it is much better if you visit them in person to see everything for yourself. Turn to the one that, in your opinion, will help you succeed in what you like most.

The colleges belong to three different groups depending on their location. There are Midwestern (The University of Kansas, University of Iowa, etc.), Far West (Santa Clara University, Oregon State University, etc.), and Eastern (Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, Shippensburg University, etc.) colleges. You should apply to a college that is located close to your home or elsewhere you wouldn’t mind moving to.

For you, it is crucial to realize that winning a boxing scholarship is a pretty great challenge and for most students, this remains a shattered dream. Nevertheless, there is no obvious reason for you to abandon the idea of becoming a competitive boxer. You still have all the chances to succeed in this field. Join your local gym and start to master your fighting ability regularly. Never forget that you can either try to apply for the scholarship or you can simply go to one of the above-mentioned establishments. 

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