WHO WON the WEEKEND? Wilder KO Gets Him the Nod From NYF Squad



WHO WON the WEEKEND? Wilder KO Gets Him the Nod From NYF Squad

Pretty fascinating how narratives can shift, and momentum can grow at maybe a time you wouldn't expect. After Deontay Wilder‘s right hand disconnected Luis Ortiz from his senses at MGM in Vegas on Saturday, pretty quick you saw people talking about Wilder as an ATG heavyweight.

He's already beaten Ortiz, who pundits figured had only deteriorated sine their last meeting, and is 40 years old, and whose legacy will be defined more by him ability to scare people away from fighting him than his accomplishments as a pro…But yeah, people are now discussing where the Bronze Bomber is, all-time, among heavies.

Wilder started it, by talking up his skills and legacy; maybe you agree, or don't, but can we agree that Wilder won the weekend? I tend to think so…but let's run it past the NFY Squad, shall we?

“Although almost everyone will say Wilder won it, I’m going to go with Rene Alvarado who scored the upset victory on Saturday night,” said NYF West Coast bureau chief Abe Gonzalez.  “While having the legendary and fellow Nicaraguian “Chocolatito” Gonzalez in attendance, Alvarado score the upset victory on the 45th anniversary of Alexis Arguello winning his first world title. Talk about special, it doesn’t get any better than that. Rene Alvarado won the WBA Super Featherweight Crown and the weekend!”

Deontay Wilder just keeps defying logic,” said David Phillips of NYF. “He does so many things wrong, but there's that right hand. He can give away huge portions of fights, look borderline (and I'm being kind) amateurish, and with one stiff right, change the whole fight. For all his flaws, dude is not boring. Maybe someday this weight class will support someone with more than one dimension, be better than a slovenly clown (Tyson Furey), or maybe one day the real Anthony Joshua will stand up. Until then, we have Deontay Wilder and his one punch equalizer. As someone who remembers the Klitschko “error” too well, I can honestly say, shit could be worse.”

“Hard to go against Wilder, but I am,” said Chris Glover the NY based fighter/analyst.. “What a performance by Rene Alvarado to defeat Andrew Cancio where he was a big underdog going in. Wilder did what he was supposed to do, but for me Alvarado has worked his way back into the big time with a great win. So for me I’m going with Alvarado alongside giving a big shoutout to John Ryder who should be world super middleweight champion now.”

“After watching Deontay Wilder's sensational seven round knockout over Luis Ortiz (at least 7x over), I'd have to concur with everyone else that Wilder is by far the best heavyweight boxer that we've had in many of years,” said Xavier Porter of Brooklyn Fights and Fightnight Live.

“I've always expressed that Wilder isn't necessarily focused on earning the biggest payday when he fights, but more so, he's focused on creating legacy and defining history.

Currently (42-0, 41 KOs), the only person that he appears to be chasing is Floyd Mayweather and his (50-0) record. With the crop of heavyweights, promotions, and networks that we have in place right now in boxing, it's foreseeable that he will achieve the mark of (51-0, 50 KOs).

His power is amazing and his skill set remains undefined. Wilder is getting better and better with each fight.

He has yet to reach his full potential of greatness and I for one am scared for the person of whom he reaches it on.

PS.: I still believe Ortiz could've pulled off the upset, but Wilder's timing and blazing right hand put both Ortiz and my plans to sleep.”

Wilder won the weekend,” said Tommy Rainone. “We are currently looking at an all time top 20 heavyweight and climbing.”

“I think it’s fair to say Wilder has one of the greatest right hands, ever. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see Ortiz in his prime. Although, back in the 70’s, that punch would have still ended it,” said Jay Bulger.

“For months, the masses opined that Wilder was an easy pick for KO,” said podcaster Jonathan Leir. “Despite another devastating right hand, are we surprised? Or just awe struck at the power?

The biggest favorite of the weekend was everyone’s favorite feel good story- Andrew Cancio. Opening as a 16 to 1 favorite, Cancio was  arguably one title defense from a huge pay day. And previously defeated Rene Alvarado was a large underdog in a rematch of a defeat.

Rene not only won, he destroyed the fan favorite en route to becoming the WBA champ and stomping the feel good story of 2019. Something very few saw coming. Hard to argue a bigger winner than Alvarado (below) on the weekend.”

“Rene Alvarado became a champion over the weekend by stopping Andrew Cancio in 7 rounds,” said Jeremy Herriges. “It was a great accomplishment, but it was overshadowed by Deontay Wilder's right hand. This was Wilder's weekend. His knockout of Luis Ortiz resonated with boxing fans and crossed over into the mainstream. Wilder's penchant for knocking out opponents hasn't received as much attention as it deserves. He's a tremendous puncher, but it takes skill to land calculated knockout punches time and time again. Wilder has perfected the practice of knocking out opponents, and he's finally getting praise for his talent instead of criticism for his shortcomings.”

“No one won the weekend,” said John Vena, ring announcer and Fightnight Live analyst.  “One would think it's Wilder but his critics have not been fair to him at all.  

The tragedy of Wilder is that many are threatened over the fact that there is a good chance he could have punched out any of the previous greats with his awesome power. Because he is so good, no matter who Wilder beats, no one will give him credit, even though wins over Ortiz are his signature accomplishments thus far.

Ortiz is a fine boxer with a good punch and as Wilder has stated, no one wanted a piece or Ortiz. 

For Ortiz, I don't see him getting another big opportunity to prove himself. But even if he does, the fact that he has suffered 2 damaging KO defeats makes him a much lesser force that he once was. You also have to wonder about his motivation and confidence in the future. 

When you suffer huge losses like this, I can't imagine how you can have the motivation, especially considering his age. Had Ortiz have faced Ruiz or Joshua on Saturday, I think he may have come out the winner. Ruiz-Ortiz was a toss-up.

Wilder will have his day. Eventually, people will give him his due just as Holyfield eventually got his as long as he keeps winning.”

Deontay Wilder won the weekend,” said Anson Wainwright of RING. “Lost every second of the first six rounds and was on his was to losing the seventh when he landed a devastating right hand to render the scorecards moot and reverse the deficit. That win apparently leads us to Wilder-Fury II next February.

Mr. Deontay Wilder won the weekend,” said Josh Friedman of SiriusXM.” Hardest puncher ever conversation … ties Ali… in for the Fury super fight.  Bottom line is he got it done

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