What Can We Realistically Expect from Alexander Povetkin at 41?



What Can We Realistically Expect from Alexander Povetkin at 41?

Alexander Povetkin’s ferocious left uppercut against Dillian Whyte will go a long way in resurrecting the old adage in heavyweight boxing about the perils of one punch changing it all. We hear that timeless proverb a lot but rarely do we see it carried out with such chilling execution.

Without a doubt, it will serve as a reminder to all underdogs across every code of combat sport that you just need to wait your turn, even if you’re under a barrage of heavy artillery, as Alexander Povetkin was.

That Povetkin shot drew praise from round the world. Here, Tyson Fury weighs in, on Twitter.

Indeed, you imagine that a guy like Justin Gaethje would have taken great encouragement in seeing Whyte hit the deck as he did, as he prepares for the biggest showdown in combat sport left this year. The Ameican, after all, is very much the underdog in his upcoming fight with global superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov – the 2 show the 31-year-old at long odds of 15/8 to win. But after Povetkin’s recent heroics in knocking out the heavy favorite, Gaethje and other fighters around the world will have renewed hope that they can get it done against all odds. 

However, back to the boxing and the fascinating scenario we are left with after the events on the night of the 22nd of August. Indeed, now that the dust has settled on that fight, and Povetkin is the new mandatory challenger for the WBC belt, what can we actually expect from the 41-year-old Russian?

Firstly, it would be remiss not to point out that Povetkin may not get his turn to face the winner of Tyson Fury and  given that Whyte has a rematch clause in place for a second fight. The Russian’s dream of a late run at the world title may be over before it began if Whyte is able to collect himself and the see the job through, this time around.

There are quite a few ifs and buts in that equation but getting past Whyte again will prove Povetkin’s first challenge in his bid to stay the WBC mandatory challenger, and it will also give us the chance to see if the Russian is up to the rigors of heavyweight boxing at 41.

You would have to say that before he knocked Whyte out, the Englishman was seemingly in total control of the bout having sent Povetkin to the floor on two separate occasions. Indeed, Whyte was sizing up Povetkin and it appeared to be a matter of time before he unleashed the haymaker to end the fight. Well, the rest, as they say, is history but there will be enough positives for Whyte to take out of that fight and to even think that perhaps, he is able to turn the tables with relative ease. 

Then again, it may be that type of complacency that sees Whyte return to the canvas in devastating fashion again. Povetkin is a dangerous man and has only lost twice in 39 bouts – those two losses were to none other than Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua.

Time catches up with every professional boxer in the end but the jury is out on whether it has caught up with Povetkin just yet. If the 41-year-old is able to beat Whyte in a rematch then the rest of the division will have to sit up and take notice.