UFC’s Most Wanted: Paddy Pimblett



UFC’s Most Wanted: Paddy Pimblett

Can you think of anyone with as much steam behind them as Paddy Pimblett right now? Good press, bad press, whatever press — either way, Pimlbett has been the talk of the town since his UFC debut in 2021, but especially so now that there's some legitimate controversy surround the Scouse.

When did the hype for Paddy Pimblett start?

The debut of Pimblett had been on the UFC's radar for quite some time prior to his actual arrival in late 2021. However, some losses and a self-admitted case of over-confidence prompted Pimplett to take his time. Regardless of where he was fighting, Liverpool carried Pimblett on its shoulders and helped put him on the map.

Paddy's unique style and $5 haircut became iconic, and this enigmatic fighter gathered the attention of anyone that followed the sport. Eventually, he did land himself in the UFC. Any hot microphone put in his face was put to use. Further, and most importantly, he's proven to be rather good at his job.

Where did things initially go wrong?

Well, the fans loved him, but the fighters? Well, not so much. Whether the other athletes wanted a piece of him for the clout or for a genuine dislike of the Scouse, a lot of lightweights(and featherweights, we got you Ilia Topuria) want a piece of Paddy. However, Pimblett lost a bit of rapport with the fans after he had Dana White on his podcast and the two bad-mouthed Ariel Helwani.

Helwani is one of, if not the biggest name in MMA journalism.

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