UFC Charlotte: Rozenstruik vs Almeida UFC Round by Round Updates and Results



UFC Charlotte: Rozenstruik vs Almeida UFC Round by Round Updates and Results

It's fight day! Earlier than usual, but I've got my coffee and I'm here to give you all the UFC round by round updates you're looking for on this fine weekend.

A heavyweight clash that's sure to be fireworks, light heavyweights looking to make their stamp in the top of the division, a prospect taking on a battle-tested warrior — these are some of the fights that'll be taking place on the card. In what is sure to be an exciting event, it's important that you stay updated on the UFC results tonight/this morning/whatever time it is wherever you are.

With that being said, there's not much more to say! UFC Charlotte starts now and here are the UFC round by round updates.

Main Event – LIVE UFC Charlotte Round by Round Updates: Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs Jailton Almeida

UFC round by round updates: Rozenstruik vs Almeida

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What a clash we've got here. This heavyweight bout consists of Rozenstruik, who's been floating around the top of the division for some time now, and Jailton Almeida, a surging fighter that has finished not just all of his UFC wins, but all of his professional wins. The winner of this fight could find themselves just one or two more wins away from a title shot.

Round 1: These two heavyweights clashed immediately. Rozenstruik tried to land a bomb, and he got close, but Jailton shot right away. ‘Bigi Boy' stuffed the early offering and began pressuring , but Almeida shoots again and secures this takedown. Working for mount, Almeida's top pressure looks suffocating. Rozenstruik remains calm despite this terrible situation he's in. The grappling gravitates toward the fence, Jailton almost takes the back, but Jairzinho opts to give up to give up mount momentarily. After some ground and pound, Rozenstruik gives up his back and the rear naked choke is a formality. Rozenstruik taps out for the first time in his career and Almeida scores the biggest win of his career.

Official result: Jailton Almeida via first round submission

Co-main Event – LIVE UFC Charlotte Round by Round Updates: Anthony Smith vs Johnny Walker

There's some heat on this one! Judging by the stare down, there's no love lost between these two. Anthony Smith is a former title challenger and has been in the light heavyweight top 10 for quite some time now. Having fallen short of grabbing the belt against Jon Jones, Smith could use a win tonight to make another run for gold. However, he's got to get through Johnny Walker, a man that many thought would be the one to beat Jones years ago. With a combined 52 finishes between the two, this is a can't-miss fight.

Round 1: Johnny Walker is very active and incredibly efficient with the calf kicks. Even just a minute into the round, he's got Smith very worried about these kicks landing. Walker throws teeps to the stomach but then doubles up on the calf kick. A punch clips Anthony and seems to rock him, but Johnny runs into a right hand when he swarms. Another shot rocks Smith and he shoots desperately for a takedown, which he gets after eating some shots. Smith wins some control time, but Johnny worked his way back up to the feet and gets a takedown of his own as the round ends.

10-9 Walker

Round 2: It looks like Smith is trying to time the calf kick to land a right hand, and he does early into round two. It's almost inhuman for calf kicks not to effect a fighter, but Smith doesn't seem as bothered by these kicks as he should be. This was a much better round for Anthony, but Walker threw the bigger shots and was more active. The round ends after Walker and Smith jaw at each other for about a minute.

10-9 Walker

Round 3: This was a rough round for Anthony Smith. Johnny Walker kept at it with the calf kicks and it turns out I was wrong when I said the kicks weren't affecting Smith — he really showed how damaging they were in the third round. With little mobility due to the compromised leg, Smith was limited to winging punches. Smith even dropped to the mat as to not take a knee to the head. Walker seemed to hurt Smith with a flying knee but he didn't follow up and the round ended shortly after.

10-9 Walker

Official result: Johnny Walker via unanimous decision

Daniel Rodriguez vs Ian Garry

Want the UFC live results for one of the most exciting matches in the welterweight division right now? I've got you. Ian Garry is the hottest prospect from Ireland since that one guy — I think his name is Conor McGregor. I hope you can feel that sarcasm. 11-0 and 25 years young, Garry is taking a huge step up in competition to take on Daniel Rodriguez, who has wins over fighters like Kevin Lee, Mike Perry, and Li Jingliang.

Round 1: Right when the fight starts, Garry lands a thudding body kick. Ian lands another body kick and a very solid jab. He's pulling D-Rod into his shots. Another body kick lands and then Ian goes up top with the kick. Rodriguez has great hands but Ian has him looking sloppy tonight. Another head kick lands and down goes Daniel! That's all she wrote. Shades of Conor McGregor kicking Donald Cerrone.

Official result: Ian Garry via first round TKO

Carlos Ulberg vs Ihor Potieria

City Kickboxing's Carlos Ulberg will look to continue his winning ways against a younger and more experienced fighter. Potieria just came off of a huge win against the legend, Shogun Rua. He won this fight via first round stoppage. He looked very great in that fight, but Ulberg is arguably in his prime now, or just shy of it. This should be a very fun fight between two finishers.

Round 1: The fight starts and within seconds, Potieria shoots for a takedown; with nothing doing there, Ulberg clips his opponent with a head kick. Carlos continues to fire off kicks while circling the perimeter of the cage. While Ihor rushes in, Ulberg counters with a check-hook and hurts Potieria. Carlos lands some ground and pound and walks off before the referee jumps in. A first round walk-off knockout in the books for the Kiwi!

Official result: Carlos Ulberg via First round TKO

The Main Card Begins Now! LIVE UFC Charlotte Round by Round Updates: Tim Means vs Alex Morono

If you pick a UFC welterweight at random, chances are, Tim Means fought them. As seasoned as a vet can get, Means puts on a show each time he steps in that cage. He'll look to jump back into the win column by stopping Alex Morono. After winning  four in a row, Alex took a risk and fought Santiago Ponzinibbio on short notice. He fell short, but his performance was incredible still. Hoping to have another great performance, Alex is looking to return to his winning ways today.

Round 1: Tim Means looks very sharp early on into this fight. Morono is swinging that right hand with bad intent though. After a brief clinch, with which Means led the dance, the two separate and trade in the center. Though it seems that Means is controlling the striking, he's the one wearing the damage on his face. Tim is investing in the body very frequently.

Alex is picking it up in the latter half of the round. Means, fighting from southpaw against an orthodox fighter, lands a head kick that sounded worse than it probably was. Both fighters stand and trade in the last ten seconds and Tim lands a solid uppercut at the horn.

10-9 Means

Round 2: Alex is picking it up in this round! He grazes with a head kick of his own and lands a series of right hands, which his corner instructed him to throw. Means scores a takedown but the two are back up in seconds. Means goes back to the well with that left head kick. Morono spins for a back fist, gets caught in a body lock and taken down, but locks in a guillotine choke. He adjusts and Tim taps out.

Official result: Alex Morono via second round submission

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