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UFC on ABC 4 Predictions: Full Card Analysis, Betting Tips, Best Picks



One week has passed and we already have a new fight card on our hands – UFC Charlotte. Jairzinho Rozenstruik will face Jailton Almeida in the main event. Here are our UFC on ABC 4 predictions.

UFC on ABC 4 Full Card Predictions: Antony Smith vs Johnny Walker

Anthony Smith Preview

Anthony is a 34-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in 2016 against Leonardo Guemorales, whom he defeated via unanimous decision. In total, Anthony spent 17 fights in the UFC: 11 won, 6 lost.

In March 2019, Smith, who was on a 3-win streak, became the top contender for the title and fought against Jon Jones, who at that time was again the dominant champion, and lost to him by unanimous decision. Smith's last fight took place in July 2022. His opponent was Magomed Ankalaev. Anthony lost by knockout in the 2nd round.

Anthony is a versatile fighter. In the stance, he is focused on inflicting maximum damage on the opponent. He breaks through unpredictable combinations, connecting his elbows, knees in time and throwing out back fists. On the ground, Smith relies on his BJJ skills. He effectively takes an advantageous position, from where he instantly performs a submission. Smith has a big problem with cardio.

Johnny Walker Preview

Johnny is a 31-year-old fighter from Brazil. In 2018, he came to Dana White's Contender Series show, where he defeated Luis Enrique Da Silva by unanimous decision and signed with the UFC.

According to the hype, Johnny's start in the UFC can be roughly compared to how Khamzat Chimaev made his debut in the UFC. The Brazilian scored 3 early victories in 4 months. Since then, however, he suffered several defeats and also won several bouts too.

As a Muay Thai expert, Walker is primarily dangerous in the standing and clinch positions. Johnny reinforces the non-standard technique with which he tries to confuse the opponent with accurate and powerful blows. He connects his knees, legs, and elbows in time and has a good feel for the rhythm of the fight, which allows him to perform a spinning kick like a back fist, back elbow, or roundhouse kick at the most opportune moment.

Anthony Smith has a good chance against Walker

I can’t imagine due to what chance, except for knockout power and pressure, Johnny Walker will win. Anthony is more technical in the stand and also has knockout power. Therefore, in my opinion, they will have approximately equal chances on their feet. But Smith's main advantage over the Brazilian is his BJJ. If Anthony drags his opponent to the ground, he will probably win this fight.

Daniel Rodriguez vs Ian Machado Garry

Daniel Rodriguez Preview

Daniel is a 36-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in 2020 against Tim Means, who was choked out in the 2nd round to win the Performance of the Night award.

In total, Rodriguez had 9 fights in the UFC: 7 won, 2 lost. Rodriguez received his first defeat in a duel against Nicholas Dalby in November 2020, when he lost to him by a unanimous decision.

Daniel's last fight took place in November 2022. His opponent was Neil Magny. Rodriguez lost by submission in the 3rd round.'

Daniel is a versatile fighter who prefers to work on his feet. On the stand, he relies on boxing and Muay Thai skills. Rodriguez throws dangerous powerful combinations, and works well in clinches, from where he delivers dangerous elbows and knees.

Daniel prefers to work at a fast pace. He throws about 8.2 hits per minute. This is even higher than Max Holloway, who is famous for his long combinations but throws an average of 7.7 punches per 60 seconds.

Daniel's main disadvantage is cardio. He gets seriously tired by the last round and gives up the initiative.

Ian Machado Garry Preview

Ian is a 25-year-old fighter from Ireland. He spent most of his career in the British promotion Cage Warriors, where he became the champion in June 2021. That same year, he signed with the UFC and made his promotional debut in November. His first opponent in the UFC was Jordan Williams. The Irishman knocked him out a second before the end of the 1st round.

In total, Garry had 4 fights in the UFC. His last fight took place in March 2023. Ian's opponent was Kenan Song. Garry won by knockout in the 3rd round.

Garry prefers to work on the stand. Thanks to his wide stance and good timing, Ian is most effective in counterattacks. Garry does not work serially, throwing single punches. He competently combines work on the hands and kicks.

Due to the fact that the Irishman prefers the counter-puncher style, he is not active enough. On the one hand, this helps him distribute his strength for the entire fight, on the other hand, a more aggressive and experienced opponent will easily beat him on points.

Bet on a long fight – Over 1.5 or Over 2.5 rounds

We do not know which odds you have access to and this is why we have two UFC on ABC 4 predictions for this match – over 1.5 or over 2.5 rounds. Here is why. Despite all the knockout potential of Garry and Rodriguez's 12 early wins, I think the fight will drag on. Daniel is a very tough fighter. He loves to clinch and get wins through net control and dirty boxing. I doubt that he will risk exchanging with Ian in the rack. Rodriguez will try to take space from the Irishman through viscous control.

Ian Garry is the most pragmatic fighter you can think of. He does not go to finish the opponent until he sees tiredness. Therefore, I expect the Irishman to try to work in the style of a counter-puncher, working for points.

Tim Means vs Alex Morono Prediction

Tim Means Preview

Tim is a 39-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in February 2012 against Thiago Malgajos, whom he defeated via unanimous decision. In total, Means spent 22 fights in the UFC: 12 won, 9 lost, and 1 fight was declared invalid.

Tim's last fight was in October 2022. His opponent was Max Griffin. Tim lost by split decision.

Tim is a technical fighter. In the standing position, he throws good combinations and he still has power. Means has solid wrestling skills: he can translate and control opponents and is constantly trying to get a submission.

Tim is an aging fighter. Because of this, his stamina suffers – Means runs out of steam by the middle of the fight.

Alex Morono Preview

Alex is a 32-year-old American fighter. He made his debut in the UFC in 2016 in a duel against Kyle Noke, whom he defeated by a split decision. In total, Morono had 17 fights in the UFC: 11 won, 5 lost, and 1 fight was declared invalid.

Morono last fought in December 2022. His opponent was Santiago Ponzinibbio. Alex lost by knockout in the 3rd round.

Alex has an impressive background in martial arts. He started out in judo and then switched to BJJ and taekwondo, which earned him a black belt. Thanks to this, he is universal and can work with equal efficiency both on his feet and on the canvas.

In the stand, he is distinguished by the fact that he is able to throw non-standard strikes from different angles, which unpleasantly surprises his opponents. On the ground, Alex demonstrates tenacious control and good positional wrestling skills.

Bet on a quick fight here – under 2.5 rounds

This is a clash between broken athletes who can distinguish themselves by a serious drawdown in cardio. Until Means runs out of steam, he will be a threat to Alex. Tim will try to skillfully kill him with his hands. But Tim will run out of steam before Alex and then Morono will start to pick up the pace and it will not be a problem for him to finish the tired veteran.

UFC on ABC 4 Predictions: Matt Brown vs Court McGee

Matt Brown Preview

Matt is a 42-year-old US fighter. He started his professional career in 2005. Before moving to the UFC, Brown had mixed success in the minor leagues of North America, where he scored a record of 7-6. In 2008, Matt took part in the 7th season of The Ultimate Fighter, where he reached the final and eventually received a contract with the UFC.

Matt's last fight took place in March 2022. His opponent was Brian Barberena. Brown lost by unanimous decision.

Matt's base is wrestling. He has brown belts in judo and BJJ. Despite this, the fighter rarely resorted to grappling in recent fights. Matt relied on punching power to get 16 knockout victories.

Brown is an old fighter. Because of this, he has big problems with cardio.

Court McGee Preview

Court is a 38-year-old American fighter. He got into the UFC after a successful performance on the 11th season of TUF and made his debut in June 2010 against Chris McCray, who was strangled in the 1st round.

In 2021, Court saved himself from being fired from the UFC by breaking his 3-fight losing streak with a unanimous decision over Claudio Silva. McGee's last fight was in June 2022. His opponent was Jeremiah Wells. Court lost by knockout in the 1st round.

McGee has experience with Kyokushin Karate. He works well with his feet, throwing unexpected kicks from different angles. Court McGee is also a BJJ purple belt holder, which he willingly demonstrated at TUF with submission victories in the last two fights of the season.

But Court cannot boast of knockout power. Preferring to fight in the stand, he got only 5 wins by knockouts.

Matt Brown should win this bout

Matt will impose aggressive exchanges on Court from which he should emerge victorious. McGee is most dangerous at long range when he can kick. But at close and medium distances, he will not compete with a good striker due to his mediocre boxing. If Brown takes Court to the ground, he will be in a dominant position and beat him with ground and pound. The main question is: will Matt have enough cardio to keep pace for all 3 rounds? We think that betting on Matt Brown to win this fight is one of our safest UFC on ABC 4 Predictions.

UFC on ABC 4 Prelim Predictions: Gabe Green vs Bryan Battle

Gabe Green Preview

Gabe is a 29-year-old American fighter. He joined the UFC in May 2020. In his debut, Green lost to Daniel Rodriguez via unanimous decision. But already in the second fight in the UFC, he closed this defeat by winning over Philip Rowe on points. And in April 2022, Gabe knocked out Johan Layness in the 1st round. Green last fought in July 2022. His opponent was Ian Garry. Gabe lost by unanimous decision.

Green is a BJJ expert. He is most dangerous on the ground. Gabriel is constantly looking for an opportunity to perform a painful hold. 6 of 11 victories Green won by submission. Standing, he relies on knockout power and high pace.

But Gabe flirts a lot in the standing position. Due to the fact that he tries to throw a lot of punches to damage the opponent, he misses a lot, and his punches are inaccurate. In addition, Green has a weak takedown defense.

Bryan Battle Preview

Bryan is a 28-year-old American fighter. He started his professional career in 2019. In 2021, Battle took part in the 29th season of The Ultimate Fighter. In the quarter-finals, he defeated Kemran Lachinov by unanimous decision, and in the semi-finals, he choked Andre Petroski in the 3rd round.

In the final, Bryan submitted Gilbert Urbina in the 2nd round and signed a contract with the UFC.

Bryan is a versatile fighter who prefers to fight on the stand. He controls the distance well and breaks through combinations on different floors. If necessary, Battle can transfer the fight to the ground floor, where he will try to catch the opponent in a painful hold.

Bryan has problems in fights with strong wrestlers. He allows himself to be controlled and can give up the position by making a mistake. Fortunately for the fighter, before meeting with Renat Fakhretdinov, he regularly got out of dangerous situations, rising to his feet.

Bryan Battle should take this one home

We complete our UFC on ABC 4 Predictions with one Prelim fight. We think that Bryan is a more versatile fighter. With his sense of control of the distance, he will interrupt the rushing Gabe at full speed, in the stance. If necessary, Battle can transfer the opponent to the ground to put out his knockout fuse. Therefore, I expect that Bryan will dry up the fight and win on points.