Prediction: UFC Vegas – Della Maddalena vs Hafez: Finally!



Prediction: UFC Vegas – Della Maddalena vs Hafez: Finally!

Jack Della Maddalena is back for the third time in 3 weeks! This week, the UFC is back to Fight Night business, headlined by a women's bantamweight bout between Holly Holm and Mayra Bueno Silva. Here though, we are offering our prediction for the (now very) hyped co-main matchup, featuring rising Australian star Jack Della Maddalena, who finally has a fight – against UFC newcomer Bassil Hafez. Read on to find our prediction below!

Jack Della Maddalena: Spoilin' for a Fight

Jack Della Maddalena has had a…tumultuous few weeks, it's fair to say. Three weeks. Three opponents. Finally, a fight.

It's hardly the boldest prediction to say that JDM is simply relieved to be stepping back in the UFC octagon on Saturday night. Sean Brady pulled out of his scheduled fight against JDM with a nasty infection. Josiah Harrell then (to his credit) agreed to step in, before sadly being diagnosed with a brain condition. For JDM, he did not only want to avoid the risk of wasting a fight camp and all that comes with that, but also kept in mind the importance of maintaining momentum; remember, Jack Della Maddalena is on an absolute tear in the welterweight division of the UFC right now. Dating back to his debut on Dana White's Contender Series in 2021, JDM is currently riding a five-fight win streak. That kind of red-hot momentum only serves you in the best way, especially in a division as stacked as the welterweight division.

In short, everyone knows that JDM is one of the next generation of UFC stardom. He will be hoping to firmly continue that momentum, and carry it all the way until September. Why September, you ask? UFC 293 is scheduled to take place in Sydney, Australia. Being a native of the Land Down Under, it's no surprise whatsoever that JDM wants on that card, and has made it clear that he wants to be on that card, especially following a potential emphatic win this weekend.

Bassil Hafez: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Truthfully, very few people are offering any kind of positive prediction for Bassil Hafez this weekend.

To his immense credit, UFC newcomer Bassil Hafez has stepped up on five days' notice to ensure that Jack Della Maddalena still has a fight. That alone has earned him plaudits and respect from many in the fight community (and deservedly so). He is also coming into this fight firmly with the bit between his teeth, and is fully confident of his chances of shocking the world. Speaking to media, Bassil Hafez has made it clear that he is an extremely tenacious fighter who is here to fight, and to win.

CFFC champ Bassil Hafez joins new team, says title win just the start —  Cage Fury Fighting Championships

Bassil Hafez has predicted that he will shock the world on Saturday night, with a huge upset win over Jack Della Maddalena. (Image Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships)

Regardless of predictions, Bassil Hafez is definitely in a win-win situation this weekend. He has nothing to lose, but potentially a LOT to gain, especially with a huge name scalp like Jack Della Maddalena. Whether this will happen or not very much remains to be seen.

Jack Della Maddalena: Path to Victory – Variety is the Spice of Fights

Jack Della Maddalena is so highly hyped and touted because there's not a whole lot that he can't do. In fact, he can do pretty much anything and everything very well.

If you examine JDM's career/resumé, what's so impressive about it is that, despite having an absolutely fantastic standing game (11 of his 14 wins are KOs), JDM is actually showing a willingness to engage on the ground, and to try and improve and develop there. His most recent fight (at UFC 284 over Randy “Rude Boy” Brown) saw an extremely impressive, cleanly-executed rear naked choke finish. Coming from a guy who prefers to let his fists finish fights, this kind of growth and development is very encouraging and impressive to see.

UFC 284: Perth's Jack Della Maddalena submits Randy Brown in first round in  front of parochial Perth crowd | PerthNow

Jack Della Maddalena is increasingly showcasing the variety and versatility of his game, the most recent example coming at UFC 284 at the expense of Randy “Rude Boy” Brown. (Image Credit: PerthNow).

Which brings me on to Della Maddalena's path to victory. Variety is on Jack Della Maddalena's side – knowing that he can reach into his varied arsenal and rely on any skillset that he needs to is hugely comforting; it means that no matter where this fight goes (or doesn't go), JDM is prepared for all eventualities, and is more than competent enough to still be extremely effective. Truthfully, JDM has a variety of paths he can explore to win this fight, and expect him to showcase all aspects of his game throughout this fight.

 Bassil Hafez: Path to Victory – Strong Submissions

As mentioned above, no one is predicting Bassil Hafez to win this fight. Or even have much chance, really.

However, Bassil Hafez does have a very solid base, a mixture of solid boxing and excellent submissions. Of his eight professional wins, four of them are submissions and three have come via decision. Only one (his most recent) was by way of knockout. Clearly, there is a pattern to follow for Bassil Hafez to have success; he is durable and he is great on the ground.

Another key thing to point out as well is that, despite his 8-3-1 record, Bassil Hafez has never been finished; all three of his losses have come via decision loss. What that indicates is that JDM might have a tough customer on his hands on Saturday night. The longer Bassil Hafez draws out this fight, the better his chances will likely be of causing one monumental upset.

Official Prediction: Jack Della Maddalena; Third Time Lucky

Perhaps not the most shocking prediction, but I think Jack Della Maddalena is going to win this fight.

I think there are just too many variables working against Bassil Hafez. To fight against anybody on just five days' notice is a huge ask in its own right, but to have to face someone like Jack Della Maddalena on such short notice is a nigh-impossible ask; JDM just has too many tools to prepare for on such short notice. Furthermore, JDM has spent the last period of time preparing for an elite welterweight in Sean Brady; strong, powerful wrestling with heavy hands; I don't see what Bassil Hafez brings that is different to what Jack Della Maddalena has seen already.

Jack Della Maddalena hunting headline finish in UFC 270 bout with Warlley  Alves - ESPN

Our official prediction is that Jack Della Maddalena will leave UFC Vegas 77 with his hand raised once again. (Image Credit: ESPN UK)

I think Bassil Hafez is going to put up a tough fight, but Jack Della Maddalena is just going to be too much of an ask.

Official prediction: Jack Della Maddalena to win via second round KO.



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