UFC on ESPN 48 Tickets: Prices, Packages, Where to Buy And How Else to Watch



UFC on ESPN 48 Tickets: Prices, Packages, Where to Buy And How Else to Watch

Unfortunately, there are no available UFC on ESPN 48 tickets. But, we've got you covered on other ways to watch.

UFC tickets aren't the hardest things to come by, but getting into the UFC Apex isn't the easiest thing to do last minute. “How much are UFC tickets? How could I get into the Apex to watch fights?” below, we'll answer all of these questions, along with some upcoming UFC fight tickets links and costs so you aren't late to that train.

UFC on ESPN 48 Tickets: Or, a Lack Thereof

Good news and bad news; the good news is that you can still catch Stickland vs Magomedov, the bad news is that you'll either need a really good and sneaky entry plan to the UFC Apex or you'll need to watch it at home. Or, of course, you can hangout here with us and stay in the know while we give you the live updates and round by round details.

So, while we cannot provide anything to get you UFC on ESPN 48 tickets, we'll hook you up on the best ways to watch the fights this weekend.

A solid way to watch UFC Fight Night events, along with prelims to numbered events, is to hop on that ESPN+ subscription. Additionally, UFC Fight Pass is very legit and offers a lot more for fight fans, such as live grappling events and a huge fight library.

Then, and probably the most exciting and detailed way, is to watch our own live coverage of the fights. For an example, here's last week's fight results and live coverage.

How to Watch Strickland vs Magomedov

So, to give a brief run down of how to watch this event:

  • ESPN+ Subscription
  • UFC Fight Pass Subscription
  • Local Sports Bar
  • Sneak Into The UFC Apex
  • Stay Updated via Live Coverage

For future events, there are some really good and safe websites for purchasing tickets, places like here and also places like here! These sites offer a great range of seats and prices for UFC tickets.

UFC Tickets: Strickland vs Magomedov Is Can't-Miss MMA

UFC on ESPN 48 tickets

There are no more UFC on ESPN 48 ticekts, but just because watching it in person is unlikely, the card is still incredible and we'd heavily recommend that you tune in for this weekend's action. Sean Strickland will put his ranking on the line as he takes on Abus Magomedov in what will be his second performance in the UFC.

What we may be lacking in UFC tickets, we're making up for in some ambitious matchmaking and very close fights on paper. Strickland and Magomedov doesn't make a lot of sense per the rankings, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the potential to be a fun scrap!

Then, in our co-main event, we've got Damir Ismagulov taking on Grant Dawson in a fight that will see someone jumping into the lightweight top ten next. If only we knew how these fighters felt before the fight — oh wait, we do! Check out our exclusive interview with Grant Dawson here.

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