Tyson Fury & Bob Arum Do Decent Job Selling Possible Chisora Win



Tyson Fury & Bob Arum Do Decent Job Selling Possible Chisora Win

Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora faced off on Thursday, at the final presser for their third (and final!?) tussle.

Not going to pretend, there’s not a high degree of excitement for this one, a WBC heavyweight title defense for the 34 year old Fury (32-0-1, with 23 KOs). There is more in the UK; word is that 60,000 tix have been sold to people wishing to see if Chisora can pull off what would be the upset of the year.

Fury had his say—he always does!-and touched on various points while hyping up the attractiveness of this third battle between these two.

Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora at the final presser ahead of their Dec. 3 clash

There were eff bombs tossed

“Whoever fights Derek Chisora is in for a fucking good fight,” the big lad declared. “That’s what we know. That’s what we prepared for. And he was available and ready to rock n’ roll. He stepped up to the plate, and bang, here we are. There’s going to be a throwdown for the fans right before Christmas.”

Yes indeed, Tyson Fury is well aware that this match wasn’t met with near unanimous consent or embracement…

“I needed to fight this year regardless of who it was,” Fury said. “I love fighting. I always need to fight. I wish I could fight every single month of my life. Derek’s the same. We love to fight. So, if we could fight 12 times next year, that’d be fantastic.”

OK, yeah, no, it wouldn’t be, that’s Fury being a bit of a smart aleck.

“I’m doing what I love to do,” he continued. “I’m getting paid to do what I love. I take my career very seriously. I’m looking forward to it. I cannot wait to get out there, put on a show and entertain.”

Tyson Fury speaks at the Dec. 1 press conference for his bout versus Derek Chisora

Tyson Fury did well to make it concievable that Chisora stuns him Saturday

At times, it has seemed as though Fury and Chisora are mates, and business partners, more than rumblers about to engage in a heated tussle. To be honest, in this era of pro boxing, that setup is in play much more often than most hardcore fans would like.

“Come Saturday night, there’s no friendship,” Fury insisted. “There are no friends in business, and this is a business transaction. So, we’re going to go in there, punch the fuck out of each other, and then afterward we can have a nice little sandwich, a nice cup of tea, whatever he wants. Not a problem. But while we’re in there, we’re in fight mode. We’re going to put on a great show.”

He drew solid chuckles when an apology was made for his dropping an eff bomb. “And I just wanna say, ‘If anyone’s offended by my language, get the fuck outta that doooooor!”

The Fury-Chisora third fight graphic

Anyway, “a great show” pretty much would have to conclude with a stoppage of Chisora. The fighting pride of Finchley is 33-12, and of his 12 defeats, he’s been stopped out three times. One of those came courtesy of Fury, they jousted in 2014, with Chisora being dispatched after ten rounds.

David Haye got the war-ready battler out in round five, while Dillian Whyte put down Chisora for good in round 11 of their Dec. 2018 tiff.

Chisora had the floor at the presser, and spoke to what people might see on Saturday, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and more.

Chisora it looked like wasn’t keen to hype the Tyson Fury fracas, which is extremely likely to be a one sided demolition job, when he gave one word answers to the interrogator.

Chisora had fun when Fury came on stage

“I was born in Africa,” Chisora said, after warming up, because Fury joined him on stage. “And one thing we do in Africa is we don’t give up. You only give up when you die. That’s the African mentality.

He delved into it heavy, sharing that he can’t even muster heated words for Fury, because he’s given Chisora more and better opportunities than any of his promoters.

“I can’t sit here and try to be more aggressive to Tyson Fury and try to say so many bad words because the man I’m looking at right now is giving me an opportunity when nobody wanted to give me an opportunity,” Chisora said. “He called me up and he said to me, ‘I want to fight you. I want to give you a big payday.’ And I said, ‘Yes. Let’s make it happen.’ For me to sit here and try to talk shit and say so many bad things about a man who is actually giving me food on the table for my kids, I cannot.”

Yes, you could understandably feel a certain way about Chisora describing this title fight in that way. It seems strange for the B side foe to admit that he and the A side have this sort of relationship, and that element of gratitude, at getting a big check, right? No, I can’t get used to it either, but this is part of the new era of athletes/business-people.

“All these guys in the game don’t want me to be on this stage,” he continued. “But, come Saturday, I can guarantee you this: friendship will be out of the door. Me and this big man are going to get it on. I’m not going to try to hold back on anything. Come Saturday, I’m going to war. I want to take what’s his and make it mine.”

The Brooklyn-born OG, the ATG promoter Bob Arum made the trek to England for the presser. He catches up with eternal rival Don King on December 8, when he turns 91. He’s still got his eyes on prizes, and plays as good a game of business chess as anyone in the space, still…

The aged gunslinger Bob Arum can still bang the drums hard in support of his product

“I don't see any reason why the Oleksandr Uysk fight with Tyson Fury can’t be made speedily without much trouble,” Arum told the assembled. “I know the Usyk people very well. His manager, Egis Klimas, is a really good friend of mine. He manages Lomachenko and Janibek. I’ve dealt with him a whole lot over the years. I know Oleksandr Usyk. I know he wants the fight. I talked with Tyson Fury a little while ago, and he wants the fight. That fight will happen next unless Mr. Chisora lands his punch.” Ah, yes, there’s that skill on display….

Don’t discount Chisora,” Arum insisted. He was like a used car salesman who yes, has done his share of making cars on the lot sound sweet, like lemonade, in order to clear out a lemon….But one who also has a overall solid track record of purveying decent merch. “Chisora is a hell of a fighter,” Arum preached. “He has a tremendous punch. I remember when he fought Usyk. He gave Uysk life or death. That fight could have gone either way. You can’t, in this business, count your chickens before they hatch.” Here, he went to odometer rollback level trustworthiness when he insisted, “It’s a great, great fight.”

Chisora beating Tyson Fury would be upset of the year. Fury has already shared his real thoughts on Chisora, a couple months ago. But. But, stranger things have happened than Fury getting caught and felled. Arum could conceivably be right. Oh my, I’m sounding like I’m furnishing reasoning why you should tune in to ESPN (BT Sport, for a fee in UK) and see for yourself.

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