Training Camp Check-In: Mykquan Williams



Training Camp Check-In: Mykquan Williams

Prior to the first Showtime Championship Boxing event of the year, ShoBox returns on January 20th providing a mid-week card appetizer. The Main Event will feature two undefeated prospects as Mykquan Williams (15-0-1) faces Yeis Gabriel Solano (15-0) in a ten round Super Lightweight Clash.

For the boxing purists in the world, they know that ShoBox has been the breeding ground for many fighters as it puts them on the Showtime platform while exposing them to the hundreds of thousands that tune in. The focus of this article is on Mykquan Williams out of Hartford, CT. This will be his first time on a national platform so there are going to be some questions answered on the 20th.

I checked in with the fighter that goes by “Marvelous” to get a little background on him, see what he has been up to and his preparation for the fight.

AG: Mykquan, thank you for taking the time to do this interview as you have a big fight next week. Can you give the readers a quick BIO blast on where you’re from, how it was growing up in CT and in the Williams household?  

MW: I grew up in Hartford, CT and as far as the household, I had three other siblings along with my mother and Step Dad so it was a full house. My Step Dad raised me as he came into my life when I was 1 years old. Growing up, we had everything we needed. We didn’t grow up in the greatest of neighborhoods but my mom did her best to raise us and she did a great job of that.

AG: How were you introduced to the sport of boxing?

MW: When I was around 7, I attended a boxing event that my aunt was participating in which was either her first or second professional fight. The event was at the Convention Center in downtown Hartford. After the event, I told either my mom or aunt that I wanted to get into boxing. My Mom took me to the gym and introduced me to my trainer Paul Cichon (2014 Conn. Hall of Fame Inductee).

Photo Cred: Emily Harney/Fightography

AG: You were a decorated amateur coming into the Pros. Did you feel as though the adjustment from Amateur to Pro Style was a difficult one?

MW: No, not at all. I felt like the Pro style fit me better which is why we went Pro at the time that I did. In the amateurs with how they score and the number of rounds, it didn’t fit my style. I’m the type of fighter as the fight moves on, I get stronger and stronger.

AG: You signed with Dibella Entertainment after your first fight. What was that thought process like when you were deciding who was going to promote your boxing career?

Mykquan is promoted by Lou DiBella and is managed by Jackie Kallen.

MW: Basically, it was who was the best for us to go with and would treat us well while moving us correctly. We wanted someone with knowledge and Lou has been around the game for a while now. He has a big name and is one of the best promoters out there.

AG: From looking at BoxRec, it seems as though you consciously decided to fight locally near your hometown. Was that the plan from the start? What was the strategy at first when it came to building your career?

MW: That was never the plan it was just that I fought a lot at home and it worked out that way. Lou does the Broadway Boxing series so a lot of my fights came out of that. I’m a local guy so whenever there was a card here, I would jump on it. Then I started to travel a little to other states like New York and Texas. We don’t mind traveling for fights.

AG: Last year, COIVD hit and it didn’t allow for many on the east coast to get fights or even train at a gym. What did you do last year to stay busy or even maintain financial stability?

MW: I have a job so I was never really worried about finances. I have an office job working for a tree service company. Its family owned and they are a pretty successful company. I do office work which is beneficial to me because I don’t have to do anything physical. As far as training, I would be alone in the gym working out and doing a lot of conditioning. To be honest, it’s just work and boxing. I do my little merchandise here and there. I also recently started selling homemade chili.

AG: How was it preparing for this fight given all of the obstacles and protocols that you had to deal with?

MW: It wasn’t anything crazy as I have trained through holidays and stuff in the past. I was already in shape and was supposed to fight in Mexico in December but that was cancelled. That same day, we got the call that the ShoBox fight was made available to us. As far as the holidays, I can celebrate it after the fight the way I want to.

AG: You’re fighting Yeis Gabriel Solano on Wednesday night. What do you know about him and were their things that you did in camp to specifically train for him?

Yeis Gabriel Solano won by split decision in his last fight which was June 2019.

MW: I don’t know too much about him. I watched a little bit of his last fight that was on ShoBox but that was it. I really only know the basic information that can be found on BoxRec. He is a left hander while I’m right handed so we worked on how to gain advantage over him and land clean shots.

AG: You are the main event and will be on a television network for the first time. How do you feel about this step up in exposure?

MW: It feels good! It’s a great platform. I’m not going to go in there distracted because it’s on TV. I’m going in there with a clear mind and not allow being on the network to get to us. I am going to stay focused and complete the main task which is to be victorious.

AG: When fans tune into your fight, what should they expect from you as a fighter? Describe your boxing style.

MW: Fans should expect a smart boxer who doesn’t waste punches. A fighter who places his shots well and is patient but not too patient.

Photo Cred: Emily Harney/Fightography

AG: For the fans that want to follow you on social media and purchase your merch to support you, where can they go?

MW: People can follow me on twitter @MarvelousMyke & on Instagram @M.MKW_. I have merch available if you DM me on Instagram.

My Three Cents:

There is no question that Mykquan Williams has the potential to become a blue chip prospect in boxing. ShoBox normally reserves those main event slots for fighters that are on the verge of being “next”. This will certainly be a big opportunity for Williams so it’s up to him to “kick the door down” and look impressive next week.

From what I have seen, Williams packs a big punch and could very well be a factor in a division that seems to be wide open outside of the current champions. One thing is for sure, the fight is certainly going to be entertaining as both fighters are wanting to put on a great performance.

Tune in Wednesday on Showtime, to see if Mykquan Williams places his name on boxing's radar.

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