Three and Out for Tyson Fury as Gypsy King Eyes Whyte and Joshua



Three and Out for Tyson Fury as Gypsy King Eyes Whyte and Joshua


In a month’s time, Tyson Fury will meet Deontay Wilder for the second time in what promises to be another excellent bout.

While all eyes in the boxing world will be on the fight, Fury has his locked onto the bigger picture. According to the “Gypsy King,” he has his next three fights planned out and will face Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua. 

According to Fury, a win against Wilder would push him on a path to the UK and a pair of fights against two compatriots. Incidentally, if he keeps his promise, those would also be his last fights. 

Wilder and Fury produced a gladiatorial contest first time out, so fight fans are rightly predicting an all-action clash for Fury and Wilder. Many of you will be looking for a BetRivers promo code to help lay bets on a fight that many are struggling to predict. Of course, Fury only sees one outcome and he promises to knock out Wilder. 

Anyone believe that Fury will only fight three more times?

However, it’s worth pointing out the loser of the fight could push for a third contest. Such a move would depend on how the fight is lost. In some ways, Fury could lose to Wilder and still look to all-British clashes with Whyte and Joshua. In other words, he doesn’t need Wilder or his WBC strap to sell a clash with Whyte or Joshua. 

Fury told iFL TV: “I’ve got three more fights left. Wilder next, Joshua, then Dillian Whyte. Then I’m out.”

While Fury could entice Joshua without the WBC belt, the lineal champ would make the fight more mouth-watering with it. Joshua holds all the other gold in the division, so an undisputed clash would make for a historic event (first all-British).

However, Fury would focus on Whyte first: “He’s been mandatory for, how many days did he say? 2000 days? 2000 days and he hasn’t had a world title shot. So, when I beat Wilder, I’ll give him a shot. He deserves a shot, he’s a high ranked contender who hasn’t had a shot at a world title. Seems to me everybody else has but him, so when I beat Wilder, I’ll give him a shot. He can be a defense for sure. One of my last three. Joshua and Whyte, done.”

Beyond Boing

Fury’s desire to step away from boxing when his current contract with ESPN ends is well known. In recent months, he has toyed with what he will do after he hangs his gloves. UFC has been something Fury has discussed, but a stint in the WWE is also likely following his cameo in sports entertainment last summer. 

Either way, in November Fury targeted a man who is a star in both UFC and WWE. According to Fury, he would be able to defeat Brock Lesnar in a fight, whether in the Octagon or the choreography of the WWE. In fact, Fury said he could take on Lesnar in a “proper fight”. 

‘I fancy a fight with Brock, for sure. I watched a few of his fights,' he told the True Geordie podcast.

‘(He's) pretty handy, but I can flatten him. In a WWE match or a proper fight, I can flatten Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds.'

Maybe not a bad plan; rasslin' is a rough business, but Fury would likely receive less brain trauma against the Lesnar types than the Wilder sorts.