The Current State of Boxing Won’t Last, The Sport Will Rise Again



The Current State of Boxing Won’t Last, The Sport Will Rise Again


Is boxing dead? It is a most common question from some boxing enthusiasts. This has resulted from the many obituary messages that have been circulating online.

As a result, many people have ended up buying into the rhetoric that this famous game is no more. However, after a fact-finding mission, all these messages are nothing but rumors. Not only is the game not dead, but it has also made a rebirth and recaptured some of its glory days buzz.

The Current State of the Game

The primary reason for the proliferation of questions about boxing is the reduced boxing number of matches being broadcast. Usually, live boxing would be aired across numerous broadcasting stations across the globe, mainly on Fridays and Saturdays. Fans would flock to the various stadiums and watching grounds ready to cheer on their preferred faves. Others viewed this event as a money-making day as they would go online and make bets from the various betting sites.

Without a doubt, so many changes have been experienced since the output of events fell off a cliff, from the pandemic's touch. It is only the 2, but not anything permanent as things are expected to be resolved.

From the question presented above, despite the reduction in boxing scraps being aired, professional boxing is still thriving worldwide. There has been a tremendous increase in international boxing promotions and champions from outside the US and UK that have contributed to its growth around the globe. The only current problem that has been affecting the game, really. is the coronavirus pandemic.

As we all know, coronavirus has been a global pandemic that has affected almost all sectors, and boxing has not been left out. Most everyone has been advised to stay at home, at one point, and the gyms have also been closed to help control the virus.

Does the Pandemic Mean the End of the Game?

The coronavirus pandemic has touched boxing, but the sport is resilient. Top Rank has been putting on multiple cards every week, for the last six weeks, in Las Vegas, helping keep the flame alive. The Nevada commission has been stringent, and red-flagged numerous athletes, and even support staff, for having the presence of COVID-19 in their system. That means, actually, that the system, built on the fly, is working.


The comeback of boxing has been confirmed, with promoters promising that soon enough we will be seeing the marquee matches we crave. Some theorize that the sport will be too wounded from this downturn and sputter out even more. But legends, like Manny Pacquiao, aren't done in this arena…and people like Andy Ruiz Jr won't fade away. Fans ideally should be patient, let the virus get handled the world over, and know that tough times don't last as long as this tough sport has.