Sumudaerji vs Elliott Prediction: Fast-Paced Flyweights



Sumudaerji vs Elliott Prediction: Fast-Paced Flyweights

One Sumudaerji vs Elliott prediction that's certain to come true is that this will be a fast-paced, action-packed bout between two flyweights who are eagerly trying to climb the rankings. While Tim Elliott is nearly ten years older than Sumudaerji, you wouldn't know it when watching Elliott fight. This seemingly ageless 125-pounder will work nonstop to separate Sumudaerji from consciousness for as long as this UFC Fight Night 233 bout lasts.

Sumudaerji has also something to prove: that the last loss he suffered is only a mere setback, in what's sure to be an exciting career. And if this fight goes as any right-minded Sumudaerji vs Tim Elliott prediction would suggest, this fight will finish before the three rounds are up.

UFC Fight Night 233: Sumudaerji vs Elliott Prediction

Sumudaerji Preview

Although “The Tibetan Eagle” Sumudaerji (16-5 record with 13 KO's) lost his last fight, that war against Matt Schnell won Fight of the Year in the eyes of many, and earned Sumudaerji massive respect from all. Sumudaerji was moments away from finishing Schnell and earning his fourth straight UFC victory multiple times in that fight. Alas, Schnell ultimately got the better of him, and now Sumudaerji is looking to right that wrong, well over a year since it took place.

Although Sumudaerji ultimately came up short in that fight, we still got to see why so many fans have been bullish on his skillset. His combination of crisp, powerful striking and impeccable timing makes him one of the most dangerous flyweights on the UFC roster. What's more, he has surely learned a lot from that last loss, and that experience will serve him well against a veteran like Tim Elliott.

On Saturday, our Sumudaerji vs Elliott prediction is that Sumudaerji will come out somewhat slow and measured, because he'll need to shake off some ring rust and adapt to Elliott's unique style. But once Sumudaerji finds his timing — which he will find — expect a striking display for the ages. In fact, by the time this Sumudaerji vs Elliott prediction finishes, it might not only earn Sumudaerji some bonus money, but it could be his second consecutive Fight of the Year contender.

Tim Elliott Preview

If you were to look up ‘wily veteran' in the dictionary, a photo of Tim Elliott (19-13-1 record with nine finishes) should show up. Saturday's fight with Sumudaerji will be the 20th UFC fight of Elliott's career; and while he has experienced his fair share of both wins and losses during those 19 fights, all of them will serve him well in the octagon Saturday night — especially considering Elliott enters as a slight -138 favorite.

When Elliott is on top of his game, he fights with a frantic energy and unique movement that usually makes his opponents visibly confused and frustrated. He strikes when he should be grappling, and he grapples when he should be striking — and more often than not, that wonkiness works out well for him. A perfect example of this is when he won The Ultimate Fighter, back in 2016.

In this first round submission win against Charlie Alaniz, Elliott was able to utilize his excellent chin to weather an early storm, and ultimately got Alaniz to the ground; where Elliott secured an extremely rare Bulldog choke. Although this fight took place over seven years ago, Tim Elliotts fights the exact same way now as he did back then.

Every Tim Elliott fights starts — and ends — with pure chaos. And our Sumudaerji vs Tim Elliott prediction is that this fight will, too.

Sumudaerji vs Tim Elliott: Elliott's Experience Shines

Our official Sumudaerji vs Elliott prediction is that Tim Elliott — who is currently a slight -160 favorite —  wins via submission.

There are two reasons that, in our eyes, this fight is Tim Elliott's for the taking. One is that he has much, much more octagon experience than Sumudaerji. For someone like Elliott who has seen absolutely everything, he'll be prepared for whatever Sumudaerji throws his way. Plus, Elliott has been the much more active fighter as of late. In fact, Elliott's last fight was just six weeks ago. While he lost that fight, he showed a ton of the same grit that he has been known for. Combine that with his extensive submission repertoire, Elliott by submission (available at +250) is an appealing proposition.

Then again, Sumudaerji is the much younger fighter, and most old vs young fights work out in the young guy's favor. He definitely has the power advantage over Elliott, and could punish him with something early, before Elliott gets into rhythm. For that season, consider Sumudaerji by KO (available at +200) if you think that “The Tibetan Eagle” is primed for a finish.

While there are a lot of fights to look forward to on this UFC Fight Night 233 card, none are guaranteed to be exciting like this Sumudaerji vs Tim Elliott fight is. Be sure to keep your eyes glued to the TV once this fight begins, because one of these flyweights could produce a lightning-fast finish.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.