RINGSIDE REPORT From “Hollywood Fight Nights” Event



RINGSIDE REPORT From “Hollywood Fight Nights” Event

In 2017, Tom Loeffler, after seeing much success with K2 promotions, founded in 2004 with the Klitschko brothers, started a new company by the name of 360 Promotions.

With 360 Promotions, he was able to put together shows like the “SuperFly” series in the U.S., along with unique club shows he refers to as the “VIP Boxing Experience” called “Hollywood Fight Nights.”

Wednesday evening featured the third installment of the Hollywood Fight Nights, spotlighting the up-and-coming light heavyweight Ali Akhmedov, “The Kazakhstan Warrior,” trained by Abel Sanchez.

Ali has had a very busy 2017, being in the ring 6 times and once in 2018.  That activity level led to his current record of 11-0 with 8 knockouts.

His opponent, Jorge Escalante, had a 9-1-1 record. Despite Escalante residing in nearby San Diego, this was Escalante’s first fight in the U.S. since turning pro in 2014.

Main Event: Ali Akhmedov vs Jorge Escalante

Ali came into this fight with a slight disadvantage as his opponent weighed in yesterday as a cruiserweight but that didn’t matter tonight. Ali was landing that patented Khazi looping right hand on top of the head, along with a vicious left hook to the body all night. (GGG anyone?) In round three, Ali landed a beautiful combo which sent Escalante to the canvas.  In the fourth, Escalante was defenseless while enduring a barrage of punches, which led to a stoppage by the referee, giving Ali the TKO win.


Co-Main Event:  Abraham Lopez vs Gloferson Ortizo

Lopez and Ortizo fought as if they were the main event. Lopez saw success all night with the left hook upstairs, while Ortizo found a home for the right hand. With punches being landed by both opponents, Lopez was getting the better of the exchanges. A cut caused by a butt in fifth made this bout even more interesting. However, Lopez kept on coming with Ortizo slowly running out of gas. In the end, Lopez pulled out the unanimous decision in a tough, gritty fight.


Elvina White vs. Jasmine Clarkson

Elvina White returned back to the Hollywood Fight Nights event due to the increasing fan base that has developed here in Southern California.  In the opening round, it was clear that Clarkson’s southpaw style was an issue for Elvina as she could not put her combinations together. In the second, Elvina made the proper adjustments and landed a huge right hand that certainly got Clarkson’s attention. In the third and fourth, it was more Elvina landing the right hand and applying the pressure all the way to a unanimous decision.


Honorable Mention:

Brian Ceballo is a Brooklyn native looking to make waves here in Southern California and ride them all the way to stardom. Ceballo boxed well in the first and the second, which saw plenty of back and forth action. Toward the end of the second, Ceballo landed a beautiful uppercut that nearly finished his opponent but was saved by the bell. The fight was called by the referee in between rounds, giving Ceballo the KO.

Billed as the “VIP Boxing Experience,” the Hollywood Fight Nights event delivered. The fans seemed to love the unique experience, the intimate setting, the VIP guests, which included the SuperFly 3 fighters. Although this event was in the middle of the week, when done correctly, it shows fans will support mid-week cards like this one each and every time.

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, Abe grew up in a family who were and still are die-hard boxing fans. He started contributing boxing articles to NYF in 2017. Abe through his hard work, has made his way up the ranks and is now the editor at NYFights. He is also a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA).