Quatavious Cash Talks “Contender,” The Money Team and Comeback After Shooting



Quatavious Cash Talks “Contender,” The Money Team and Comeback After Shooting

Quatavious Cash has never done things the straight forward way, not just in boxing but in life.

It could be argued he mixed it with the best, won titles on a regional and area level but just missed out when it came to winning at the elite championship levels.

His inception into the professional ranks has come with its ups and downs, to say the least. The Georgian went ten fights undefeated, but midway through those ten fights, in 2014, Cash was shot after an altercation in his native Atlanta.

The Super Welterweight opened up about the events that led to his shooting and how he came back from it.

Cash stated, “I have people around me who are involved in gangs, it's not something I have ever been a part of but I have been around them as that is the reality of life growing up in underprivileged areas in the United States. One night there was a confrontation between my cousin and a gang member, I tried to break it up and I was shot as they believed I was a gang member which I wasn't.

“I was shot in the leg and it was hard, but when I was in the hospital all I thought about was training, that's all I wanted to do. It motivated me to get back to boxing and it kept me humble as you are not guaranteed anything in life, including life itself.” 

Cash fought back and returned to the ring in 2017, approximately 2 and a half years after his shooting and remained undefeated until entering the hit TV series The Contender. The Las Vegas resident discussed his time on the hit US TV series.

He said, “It was a great experience. In the first fight, I didn't take it seriously, and I paid for that. That was a wake-up call in my career I really needed. The other fight I ‘lost' I didn't, everyone saw that I didn't lose that fight. It was great exposure however and it is good exposure that I am grateful for getting and thanks to my team at Victory Sports and Entertainment who have always been loyal to me and have always got me great opportunities.” 

Cash, who is now campaigning down at super welterweight, has also spent time around Floyd Mayweather's Money Team setup in Las Vegas, having trained in the Mayweather gym for a large part of his career. The Georgian expanded on his time around The Money Team.

He said, “The Money Team are family to me, and sparring the likes of Andrew Tabiti, Badou Jack and even Adrien Broner has all stemmed from my relationship with TMT so I am very grateful to be around them and to get great experiences because of them.

“Being in Las Vegas has really helped my career and I believe that this will push me on to being able to rebuild my career so I can challenge for titles within the next 18 months, that is my realistic goal.” 

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