Pic by Mikey Williams

Maybe he shows us he is what most folks are saying he is not, A Grade Wade…

Perhaps Dominic Wade tomorrow night proves that his No. 3 ranking courtesy of the IBF is righteous, and was earned.

I hope so, because then that means Gennady Golovkin will be tested, and his clash on HBO from the LA Forum won't play out as we have to suspect it will: another relatively easy KO win for the Bieber-faced banger who is the fighting pride of Kazahkstan.

I wouldn't put money on it, though.

Bottom line, until proven otherwise: Wade has a nice record and a sharp management team, getting him this shot. It's up to him to shut up naysayers, and be that A grade guy who he maintains he is.

This promotion is sort of strange; a good 30% of the focus when media are mulling #GolovkinWade is on #GolovkinCanelo.

That super fight was almost the primary focus of discussion in the conference call Canelo Alvarez did to hype his forthcoming tangle with Amir Khan.

I severely doubt that Golovkin is taking his eyes off the ball, and is looking past Wade toward the Mexican. How, I don't know…he could be forgiven if he did.

Khan will tell you that as the years pass, he needs a mega fight type challenge or he risks losing focus. This happened against Chris Algieri, to the massive chagrin of his trainer, Virgil Hunter.

Prediction: won't happen to 3G. He isn't half assing it in training, assuming he can loaf to a win over Wade if he wants to. This kid damn well deserved his mega fight, and he doesn't strike me as the sort to get all ‘woe is me' because Team Canelo is in marination mode. I see GGG showing Wade that the rumors were true, Golovkin is a beast, and I foresee a stoppage, round five. Hey, maybe he will be able to “control him with my jab”….but I would doubt that very much. What say you?

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