Prediction: Tyson Fury Beats Deontay Wilder in Trilogy Scrap Within 5 Rounds



Prediction: Tyson Fury Beats Deontay Wilder in Trilogy Scrap Within 5 Rounds
I believe that boxing fans globally can all agree, this isn’t the heavyweight fight we wanted to watch this summer. Even American fans must accept that Tyson Fury aka the Gypsy King versus Anthony Joshua was a contest of epic proportions that all boxing fans deserved.
For those living under a rock, let me provide some context. Tyson Fury was given no option but to postpone the undisputed heavyweight title unification bout with Anthony Joshua, and then in response Deontay Wilder threw a hissy fit.
Sure, a contractual rematch was mentioned before their second meeting, but to destroy one of the biggest fights in boxing history was more than just a rematch. Wilder went through mediation proceedings and was given his third fight with Fury, and the timing was just too coincidental. Wilder orchestrated this spanner, and we will never forgive him for it, especially if Tyson Fury or Joshua lose their next contests and destroy our hopes for their collision for good.
Perhaps the lack of attention and limelight being shone on Wilder forced him to ruin the most anticipated boxing bout in decades. There's no debating that the rug was pulled from under our feet just months before the fight we all wanted. And we have no choice but to deal with it.
Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 1 & 2
Before we delve into the third encounter, we must recap what led us to this trilogy. The beauty of Fury and Wilders' second contest was that both men had proven their worth in entirely opposite fashions during the first bout, making the match a 50/50 bout in the eyes of critics.
Tyson Fury was evidently the more technical, well-rounded boxer out of the two by clearly outpointing The Bronze Bomber, or he would have, if he hadn't been dropped in round nine and again in round 12. A split draw was the verdict from the judges on Dec. 1, 2018 at Staples Center.
Boxing experts, journalists, bookmakers and fans alike were perplexed when attempting to predict the rubber match – do you put faith in Fury’s pure boxing skill or do you side with Wilder, who possesses the most frightening knockout power since the late ’80s, early 90’s version of Mike Tyson?
The answers we anticipated were soon answered. On Feb. 22, 2020, Tyson Fury delivered a perfectly crafted technical boxing masterclass, and the full 36 minutes were not needed like most expected as Fury stopped Wilder in the seventh round.
Wilder was lucky to take a draw in the first fight. For most of the time, he was utterly dominated, and Tyson Fury went on to show this the second time around.
Fury vs. Wilder III
2, and let us be honest, it shouldn’t be any other way. The experience of Wilder has to be questioned, he was a paper champion in my eyes. Giving him a chance to win the trilogy fight is putting hope into a one-trick pony. Wilder blew the opposition away simply because the resistance was feeble. Following the dominating defeat that Wilder took, he wanted a rematch immediately, but it didn’t come to fruition – perhaps because deep inside, he knows a lot of work would need to be done.
As time passed, Wilder happened to stake his claim at the WBC title as soon as Fury and Joshua had agreed to fight in Saudi Arabia. If bitterness is the reason he’s fighting Fury, he’s going to cause himself yet another embarrassment. There will be zero room for excuses this time around.
TYSON FURY beat Deontay Wilder in their second clash, will he do the same in the third battle?
Wilder can't use the excuse that his entrance gear drained his energy before the fight again, or the ridicule he would face would be so harsh as to truly stain his public persona.
The breakdown for this contest is simple, should Tyson Fury emulate the performance he put on last time out, Wilder stands no chance.
Of course, that knockout power will be present, but first, he must hit Tyson Fury, which seemed almost impossible in the second outing. With that said, Wilder managed to connect two doozy punches during the first fight, and that was all it took…but relying on a puncher’s chance is not a viable way to predict a winner.
Tyson Fury is the true boxing connoisseur of the two, whilst Wilder relies on nothing but power. Give me Tyson Fury to seal the deal within the first five rounds and go on to fight Anthony Joshua at a later date.