OH NO! Canelo Suspended, Is His May 5th Rematch Versus GGG In Peril?



OH NO! Canelo Suspended, Is His May 5th Rematch Versus GGG In Peril?

Mexican hitter Canelo Alvarez got popped for PED usage, clenbuterol, and his people maintained that tainted meat was the culprit.

Yeah, this wasn't part of the publicity plan as we count down to what could be the most anticipated and high profile bout in the year of boxing 2018…

Our guy is no cheater, Golden Boy Promotions maintained and Canelo says he's passed about 90 sample sessions.

But today, the Nevada commission put out word that they've suspended Canelo, and will demand he appear before them to talk about the clenbuterol issue, on April 10. The implication is that maybe the May 5 sequel between Canelo and GGG could be scratched.

Yeah, and tomorrow I'm waking up with a full head a hair, and none on my back, Jack…

The show must and will go on.  So, what's up with this “suspension” and the calling on the carpet?

Lance Pugmire of the LA Times went on the Randy Gordon/Gerry Cooney “At the Fights” show Friday, and gave some insight on Sirius/XM:

“What I immediately think is the levels of clenbuterol were higher than Nevada was comfortable with.  Clearly if they felt it was only meat contamination they would have said ‘That’s what we think it is.  This fight is proceeding.’  They’re probably a little bit startled or alerted by the levels that they’ve seen and they want a firm, full answer with Canelo testifying as to how this got into his system, when it happened, how it was ingested, where it was ingested to try to get to the bottom of the story,” Pugmire told the boys.

“Honestly, I think boxing deserves this in the first place. You’ve got such a high-profile fight.  A lot of people who want to dismiss boxing as something that’s decided by how much money is coming in were very quick to say that this was going to be something that was gonna get swept under the rug.  Clearly Nevada now is not doing that.”

So, wait, will the fight be cancelled? “ I think it will [take place].  This is boxing.  There will be a way for it to happen but I think Nevada does owe a complete explanation to everyone involved, including the public, as to what is going on here.”

I'm not sure what can occur at this hearing, what will be asked of Canelo and what he could answer beyond what he's said. What, we expect him to admit the meat explanation was a falsity? Hey, stranger things have happened…but mostly on TV.

So, what will we have? Scrutiny? Hard questions? Hard looks into his eyes and soul…and demands that he better never ever pop positive, or else? Hey, sorry to be a cynic…maybe this will all play out more positively than it has so far. And hopefully this incident gets us closer to having a cleaner sport.

Pugmire finished up: “Now we know there’s going to be a public meeting in which Canelo Alvarez and his team will be held to answer all these questions that are out there about this situation.”


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