NYF Prospect Watch: Jan Salvatierra



NYF Prospect Watch: Jan Salvatierra

When it comes to boxing and L.A, they go hand in hand, which is why California is the hot-bed for quality sparring. In L.A. there resides a 21 year old flyweight who is looking to make his way up the boxing ranks.

His name is Jan “Nito” Salvatierra (5-0) and he has a fight this Saturday in Mexico.

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The Flyweight Division has received its due attention when the likes of Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez were coming up but now we have an action fighter like WBC Champion Julio Cesar Martinez reigning supreme and keeping the light on the division.

I checked in with the fighter Salvatierra out of Los Cabos San Lucas, MX, to see who he is, what he brings to the table, as he fights this Saturday.

AG: Jan, thank you for taking the time out to do this during fight week. Can you give the readers a quick BIO blast of where you’re from and how things were growing up?

JS: I was always a very active young kid. As a kid, my father got me involved in sports. He was the one that got me into boxing and other sports. The sport that really stood out for me was boxing. My childhood was very peaceful. Where I’m from in Los Cabos, it’s not exactly a boxing place. They really focus more on soccer and boxing isn’t that much of a priority over here. Some good fighters have come from here but in order to be someone and stand out, you have to discover new horizons.

AG: You decided to move to L.A in order to pursue your career as a fighter. Was L.A your first choice or did you have other places in mind?

JS: I never thought the place I would move to would be Los Angeles. Things just ended up working out that way. I went to train over there for about a month and coincidently, I got know the Saucedo Brothers and they offered me a great plan. I decided that in this environment, I could really dedicate myself to the sport. So, I put my studies aside in order to focus 100% on my boxing career.

The West Side Boxing Club is the home of the Saucedo Brothers, who manage Jan Salvatierra

AG: Since you last fought earlier this year, the pandemic hit, and boxing was put on hold. For a fighter like you, how were you able to maintain a living with no fights on the horizon?

JS: I’ve been working with my dad, who works as a fisherman in Los Cabos. That’s how I was able to maintain a living during the pandemic.

AG: Can you describe to the readers what it’s like to be an independent fighter? What’s it like trying to get fights when you’re not signed to a promoter? 

JS: Like you mentioned, it is very difficult to try to get fights without a promoter. We always have to be attentive and on top of things in order to capture those opportunities that may come up. We are always training and always ready for an opportunity because those don’t happen often. I have to always be ready for any fight that is offered. My management team has a very good relationship with Golden Boy Promotions but it’s been hard to get fights due to the current circumstances.

AG: Your opponent Saturday is Jahary Martinez (0-3). What do you know about your opponent?

JS: He is shorter than me and likes to throw a lot of overhand rights and hooks. We have to utilize our natural advantages that we have, which is my reach. I have to also ensure I keep a good distance from him and fight smart.

AG: Going off the topic of boxing for a second, I see your nickname is “Nito”. What does it mean and how did you get that name?

JS: (Laughs) I got that name from a pastry that is sold here in Los Cabos because I  have a darker complexion.

AG: What can fans who have never seen you fight expect from you?

JS: They are going to see a lot of good boxing. Someone who is technical, fast, a lot of counter punching and powerful hooks to the body.

AG: Where can fans see your fight and follow you on Social Media?

JS: Click HERE for the link to the fight. You can follow me on Instagram @jansalvatierra and on Facebook.

My Three Cents:

It’s hard to say to say where Jan goes as a prospect in the Flyweight Division. Those guys end up having a shorter career then most because they are volume fighters. One thing is for sure, he is in a division that packs a punch so it will be interesting to follow him as he navigates through the Flyweight Division in hopes of a future title opportunity. Before any of that, he has to keep winning and it starts with Saturday night down in Mexico. Keep an eye on this Flyweight prospect and see where he goes in 2021.

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