WWE NXT No Mercy 2023: Will Becky Lynch and Carmelo Hayes Defend Their Titles?



WWE NXT No Mercy 2023: Will Becky Lynch and Carmelo Hayes Defend Their Titles?

WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 will be this Saturday the 30th of September. It will be an interesting event that precedes the AEW WrestleDream. The venue for the event is Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, CA. It will start at exactly 8 ET and 5 PT. Let's check out what the match card for the event will be and what we must expect from the matches and wrestlers. 

Pre-Show Match – Kelani Jordan vs Blair Davenport 

One of our favorite retired stars Shawn Michaels announced that the WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 event will have a pre-show match. It will be between Kelani Jordan and Blair Davenport. After this week's episode, Jordan challenged Davenport to the match, and it's a go. Kelani Jordan is supposed to be one of the participants of the upcoming Women's Breakout Tournament, too, and we will find out more about it at the WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 event. 

Bron Breakker vs. Baron Corbin 

Right now, Bron Breakker is feuding with Baron Corbin, and they will face each other this Saturday at No Mercy. Breakker seems to be desperate to make it in the big leagues but hasn't been lucky in these past two years. He seems to be very angry about that and it looks like he will go to extremes to get what he wants. One of his more reckless acts recently was crushing Von Wagner's head with the steel ring steps. Recently he also attacked Corbin during an interview, which led them to fight in the NXT parking lot and crash through Shawn Michaels' wall. Many believe that Corbin will lose to Bron Breakker this weekend, but we will see. 

NXT Tag Team Championship Match 

Tony D'Angelo and Stacks will be facing OTM, the Creed Brothers, Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza in a four-way tag team match for the championship. Although it wasn't originally supposed to be a four-way match, we saw on Tuesday's episode of NXT how the D’Angelo family hosted dinner for the other tag teams participating, where they would discuss who should go to No Mercy. In the end, the Don decided that all teams would participate in the match making it a four-way. The reigning champions won their titles at the Great American Bash, and have been partners for a while now, so they might have the highest odds in this match. 

NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match 

Noam Dar will defend his championship against Butch this weekend. The participants didn't have a feud leading up to their match, but it will still be a great one. Dar and Butch will also have ringside friends cheering on them, and probably interfering in the match at some point. We will predict that the Heritage Cup will end up in the hands of Butch this time. Upcoming episodes will likely have another storyline if that happens, so it's a win-win.  

NXT North American Championship Match 

Trick Williams will face Dominik Mysterio this Saturday for the NXT North American Championship. On Tuesday we saw the seeds planted for a future feud between Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Although it would be considered good for Trick to win in this match, we don't think that is what should happen. Williams going for the NXT Championship seems to be the better move. The match will be especially hard for “Dirty Dom” though because the special guest referee will be Dragon Lee, who made his debut on WWE against Mysterio this week and lost. There is bound to be some tension there, so a dirty win for Dom is likely to happen with outside factors.  

NXT Women's Championship Extreme Rules Match 

The main event match between Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton will face each other on Saturday in an extreme rules match for the NXT Women's Championship. Many favor “The Man” in this match because of basic math. Her title win match had the most viewers compared to any other match in NXT. It seems unlikely that WWE will give up on that, just to have Lynch lose in the first match she must defend her title in. Everyone has their opinions, but Becky Lynch is our favorite to defend her championship since she has been back. 

NXT Championship Match 

The men's main event match on WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 will be between Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov. Hayes is the star of NXT right now, and with every win, every defense of the NXT Championship he gets cockier and bolder. His bravado is exactly what a main-event superstar should be like, and we don't think that WWE will forget that. Dragunov is a worthy opponent, but the fans are hyped about Carmelo, and No Mercy seems like his playground. His storyline is particularly interesting, considering his falling out with his best friend. Trick Williams. Eventually, we expect that story to end with a title match between them on some future episode of NXT. 

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