BAD BLOOD AT WEIGH IN: No Love After Benavidez Shove, From Bud Crawford



BAD BLOOD AT WEIGH IN: No Love After Benavidez Shove,  From Bud Crawford

UPDATE 1: You know, I think this we can safely say…

The bad blood is real.

This isn't hyped…I get the feeling that these two really and truly don't dig each other.

Yeah, that face-off fracas cemented that…And check the edge in Jose's voice in this IG video, from after the weigh in:

So, what are your thoughts on this incident?

The faceoff following the making of weight for Terence Crawford and Jose Benavidez featured a staredown interrupted by Benavidez shoving Crawford…and Crawford turning it up two notches by throwing a right hook. The punch was no attempted message shot, he was looking to drop the underdog.

But Benavidez (27-0) coolly slipped the punch. Carl Moretti of Top Rank held back the 33-0 Bud and no more mayhem ensured.

Remember, this deal comes 6 days after the melee following UFC 229, when Khabib Nurmagomedov went off all the rails and hopped the cage to attack a Team McGregor guy in the stands. So, sportsmanship and how fighters are behaving in such situations are being looked at. a bit harder.

Oh, right, for the record, each made weight, as Crawford will defend his WBO 147 crown, at his home town arena in Omaha: Crawford is 145.4, while the Cali-Phoenix was 145. 

You could argue that Benavidez started it, and Crawford just reacted justly. Or, that two wrongs don’t make a right, Crawford should react as a pro’s pro, and not lower himself to beneath Benavidez. 

Me, I don’t think anyone should shove, but going from shove to punch is upping the ante too much…

What say you? 

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