Manchester’s Jimmy Kelly Jr Returns January Stateside, Eyes Robert Brant Clash



Manchester’s Jimmy Kelly Jr Returns January Stateside, Eyes Robert Brant Clash

Jimmy Kelly Jnr has stated he is a man on a mission in 2020, as he looks to gate-crash the middleweight division and land a world title clash within the next 12 months.

Kelly Jnr has announced that he would be fighting stateside after linking up with esteemed trainer and advisor Andre Rozier, and now the Manchester native has revealed a date on when he plans to start his US adventure.

The Manchester native said, “I”m really happy to announce that it looks like I'll be fighting in January in the United States. My manager James Mulvilli and advisor Andre Rozier have been working very hard to make this all come together and it looks like I”ll be back in the ring in January in the United States.

“Since I linked up with my manager James he always sold me the idea that my future had to be in the United States. A good friend of mine from Liverpool then put me in touch with Andre Rozier and it all spiraled from there into signing a promotional deal in the United States and now we have a concrete date on when I will fight in the USA and it will be on the east coast.”

One show on the east coast in early January features the return of former WBA world middleweight champion Robert Brant as he looks to rebuild after his loss to Ryoto Murata. Kelly Jnr discussed the possibilities of clashing with Brant as early as January.

He said, “I have been in the gym now taking my time and adapting to Anthony Farnell's style of training. I have taken my time so I can make a big splash in the new pond I'm going to enter so to speak and I'm confident with the backing of my promoter Greg Cohen and my management team of James Mulvilli and Andre Rozier's Team Havoc that I will make that big splash.

“Robert Brant is a great fighter, he proved that against Murata. I have the utmost respect for Brant but I know he is need of an opponent on January 11 in Atlantic City. Well if he fancies a battle of the Atlantic, I would love to fight him on January 11 but I'll leave that down to my team to make that fight happen if they feel it is the right fight.

“Styles make fights, I have studied Brant and he probably sees me as an easy fight. I know I can beat this guy if I am on my game which I believe that after months in the gym with Anthony Farnell I will be. Either way, I'll be fighting stateside in the near future, but a clash with someone like Brant I would love.”