Jon Jones Requests Release from the UFC After Feeling Insulted



Jon Jones Requests Release from the UFC After Feeling Insulted

Jon Jones, the Ex Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, seems to be tired of all things UFC as he blows hot on wanting to be left alone. He already encountered a messy blowout with Dana White and Co. about a year ago; the promotion attempted to shortchange him for a super fight with Francis Ngannou, he stated. Well, there is almost no justifiable reason why any of us expected anything different the second time around.

Things should be slightly different, considering the stakes are much higher now — and even more profitable — regardless of the lukewarm atmosphere. Ngannou captured the title for heavyweight by smashing Stipe Miocic during the UFC 260 PPV (Pay Per View) main event in Las Vegas (a fight many  had customers betting on).

That was a massive history that improved his win streak (as well as his knockout streak) to five back-to-back, while “Bones” has been going around displaying his new super cool physique.

In addition, Jon has headlined exactly 15 straight PPV cards, making a ton of profit for the UFC along the way. He has certainly earned his money fight. Jones seems to have so much anger he needs to unleash, judging from his recent statement.

In a tweet he since deleted, Jones said, “Please just cut me already. You would rather have me around and treat me like shit”. Adding that for quite some time, the UFC industry has been very depressing for him. For some reason, he feels like his wings are being clipped by the UFC.

Jones has had a number of notable fights, including fighting a prime “Shogun” at the age of 23, part of a wild streak where “Bones” faced exactly five straight ex-champions. Jones also welcomed Daniel Cormier, the undefeated champion, to light heavyweight, so it's safe to say that “Bones” isn't afraid of anyone.

Jones has also given UFC its well-deserved share of headaches in the course of his boxing years, with his issues both outside and inside the boxing cage. However, it's hard to tag “Bones” greedy when White has claimed that UFC is worth precisely $7 billion – while also tagging Jones the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Desperate to pass across the message of his anger and dissatisfaction with the UFC, Jones continued by saying, “Just fucking let me go.” He asked what kind of weird shit this is because the boss hates him, and he would like to take his business elsewhere. Jones also pointed out his lack of interest in being great for anyone else, as he is set to be great only for himself. “There is nothing great about people taking advantage of you. You people have no idea how insulted I feel,” he concluded.

Perhaps it is time for some real changes. Maybe it is time for some fundamental changes in the UFC and especially for Jones and his career. However, what everyone wants to know is what happens after this and whether Jones makes a bold move that'll see him earning his respect back in the nearest future.