Joel Alvarez Will Be Back To Octagon Very Soon



Joel Alvarez Will Be Back To Octagon Very Soon

Joel Alvarez will return to the Octagon on February 26. The Spaniard, the 15th ranked lightweight, will face Arman Tsarukyan. A win could lift him to the top 10.

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The Spanish MMA world is going through a great time. Never in history have three fighters succeeded at the same time with the main promoter in the world, UFC. Juan Espino, Joel Alvarez and Ilia Topuria are expanding their careers and are highly regarded within the company. Espino won the TUF and after a controversial defeat is recovering from an injury with the intention of returning as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Topuria and Alvarez are looking for the top 10.

Last Friday the next appointment of Topuria was revealed. The Hispano-Georgian was ranked 15th after his last win in July. He's not on that list right now, but it's a matter of another win that he gets back there. His ambition is maximum, so he accepted a challenge against another undefeated man; on January 22, at UFC 270, Russian Movsar Evloev (15-0) awaits him. If he wins, he will almost certainly become one of the top ten in the division.

For his part, Joel Alvarez will try the same on February 26. The 28-year-old Asturian will face Arman Tsarukyan, who is on a four-win streak, just like the Spaniard. The Russian born in Armenia is number 13 in the ranking and Álvarez is 15. Joel reached that position on November 16 after knocking out Thiago Moises days before.