Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Weigh In: No Scale Fail For Paul or Fury



Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Weigh In: No Scale Fail For Paul or Fury

It’s a big deal that they made it through the weigh in, and both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury made weight for their Sunday grudge match in Saudi Arabia.

The bout had been set and blown up twice before, so we can be more than cautiously optimistic that we will see Jake Paul and Tommy Fury settle their beef. You can watch on the ESPN platform, via PPV.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury weigh in for their Feb. 26 clash in Saudi Arabia.

The fighters made weight–it's almost go time!

One eighty four point five,” intoned the dapper emcee Michael Buffer, as young Tommy, as ever looking ripped (but is he ready?) clapped his chest, thumping in a confident manner.

“One eighty three point six,” said the emcee, as Paul, now a resident of Puerto Rico, put his pointer finger up to his lips, a sign that he’s about to shut up haters, of which there are still plenty.

There is more and more of an air of acceptance with this situation, with this trend in the sport. More folks understand that for good or bad, Jake Paul is the first person lots of persons think of when they are asked to name a famous boxer of today. It is what it is, right? Skills used to pay bills more so than today, now a high profile on social media can leapfrog somebody to a plateau that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago.

Tommy Fury weighs in on Saturday for his Feb. 26 fight versus Jake Paul

Tommy Fury looks ripped and ready, but Jake Paul said he thinks the kid is very, very nervous

Paul, by the way, was still trying to get Tommy Fury to sign an additional contract, which would make the clash a “Double Or Nothing” endeavor, with Fury to get double pay if he wins, and nothing, nada, zilch, if he were to lose. Tommy’s dad John verbally accepted that challenge offered at the Thursday presser, and did you see Tommy’s head whip around and him looking at his dad with bug eyes? Tommy changed the subject, or tried to, telling Jake he’d “knock him the eff out” again and again as Jake talked terms.

“It’s over,” Fury declared, punctuating his messaging with a shove. Brother Logan Paul, Papa John Fury, coordinator Dereck Chisora, Jake trainer BJ Flores, everyone looked on, and it seemed contained, no threat of a pre-fight fracas breaking out, and maybe breaking up the promotion. That would be unlikely, of course, but being that three attempts were needed to get this fight off the runway, better to be safe than sorry again.

Ray Flores asked Tommy how he was feeling. “His time is up, I’m gonna put this man away by four rounds,” he asserted. He said that Fury last name will be properly represented come Sunday.

Ray Flores interviews Jake Paul at the Feb. 25 weigh in for his battle against Tommy Fury

Jake Paul gave a nice lil shoutout to Cleveland, Ohio, his hometown

Flores then chatted with Jake Paul: He said Tommy is “capping,” putting on a show, trying to act like Tyson Fury. “This professional boxer is going down, it’s easy, it’s simple, this is what I do, he’s shaking,” he said, calling himself “chill, a real killer, a real dog.” He will rep Cleveland, Ohio, he said.

Jake said he is sticking with his prediction, that the fight will end in four rounds or less. “We’ve done all the hoopla, the yah yah yah…it’s time to figure out the truth.”

Almost…we are one day away from this being settled. Fingers are lightly crossed we get there. Please be on the lookout for a prediction page from Gayle Falkenthal, see who on the NYFights roster likes Tommy Fury to upset Jake Paul. OK, I will give more than a hint: I am picking Tommy Fury to rise up, and prove that Team Paul thought wrong when they isolated on him as a weak link in the Fury chain. Tommy Fury will stop Jake Paul, and that second event Jake promised for Saudi Arabia will be Tommy Fury-Jake Paul 2, for the summer time.


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