Gennady Golovkin, 37-1, Is A Loser



Gennady Golovkin, 37-1, Is A Loser

And not because he's not a winner—he’s just not a draw.

It’s always the love affair that begins with the romantic auspicious, that ends with ruinous suspicion. I imagine in Mexico these days, Zorro might have difficulty showing his face without a mask to hide from virtual reality.

In the real world of Mexico City, Canelo Alvarez is still very much a God, amid a boxing world that has sent him to the pits of hell. Whether he raises the steaks are not, is not entirely up to him or his brain trust – and this is odd. How is Canelo Alvarez the new Manny Pacquiao in a game of “Fuck You!”, with Gennady Golovkin in the role of Floyd Mayweather?

This is where you know how Donald Trump is the president, and why the wolves will howl at the Moon. And why I’m not feeling Sophia.

Usually, when something doesn’t make sense it’s because something isn’t true. I remember the great Thomas Hauser putting together an exhaustive expose titled “Can Boxing Trust USADA.” It took a few days and a bottle of Adderall, but I managed to read the whole thing. Twice. In it, the report virtually nails Mayweather as guilty of a massive PED cover-up, to the delight of his many critics. To a much lesser degree, the NSAC and executive director Bob Bennett took a public relations beating as well, for seemingly complicit knowledge of reverse psychology at its most corrupt and tainted. Who would ever implicate Mayweather? After all (as we used to say as kids), “The first one said it, let it!”

Something stinks.


$$$  $$$   $$$


Hauser is renowned for a sourced, calibrated ink spilled with journalistic precision and detail. All that came of that situation was a form of jail for USADA, along with the ascension of VADA. Floyd walked. What’s happening with Canelo Alvarez, in conjunction with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, is like Pacquiao accusing Floyd of PED’s and getting away with it. Not only that, but able to get virtually all of MSM to absolutely trash Mayweather in the U.S. and all over the world. Just like that (*snap your fingers why don’t cha*), Canelo’s stock has fallen harder than a prostitutes’ panties in Las Vegas. Floyd was the face of boxing – just as Canelo was less than two months ago. An A-list actor can’t go from Brad Pitt to Kevin Spacey without a little help from the people who come up with his salary or public status in their pockets.

Golovkin had help being the loser he is by default right now. He was not the A-side attraction in the equation by any stretch of the imagination for their September 2017 encounter, and was clearly not going to be in that position on May 5. Call me The Grinch, but at the highest levels in boxing, I’m of the opinion that they all may be doing shit to get ahead. We’re fooling ourselves if we believe Michael Corleone’s “We’re all part of the same hypocrisy” wasn’t real. It is. Simply knowing The Dollar hasn’t been backed by gold in 50 years, or, that the Federal Reserve hasn’t even carried gold since the 1930’s, should remind us that integrity is a myth.

The reality is, Triple G was about to get Triple 9’d. And he knew it. He knew he fucked up by taking the rematch, and he didn’t want to lose. In as much as I’m sure GGG won the first fight—with whatever remained of the physical advantages he had, Golovkin was about to get bodied on May 5, by an Alvarez both him and Abel Sanchez knew they couldn’t beat. So they called Don Corleone and set up a meeting. That basically set up a media beating. It reminds me of dude at the other end of the table in the interrogation room with Bill Duke in Menace II Society. After catching Caine in a coerced lie, he turns the tables through reverse psychology. “Now see, you know you done fucked up right? You know it don’t you,” sneered Duke.

But my question is, if Golovkin’s aim was to destroy Canelo, who is he going to use to build himself? That usually happens when you beat “The Man” who beat The Man. That happened to Bernard Hopkins when he beat Felix Trinidad in September 2001. Trinidad catapulted to true superstardom after defeating Oscar De La Hoya. Only a defeat of Mayweather would help Golovkin ascend to superstardom outside of Canelo. By throwing Canelo under a bus and then mashing on the gas… only to then tell the driver to put the gear in reverse, has the taste of extreme bitterness.

Canelo Alvarez would’ve defeated the Mayweather in front of Andre Berto in September 2015, but he wasn’t ready to beat the Golovkin of October 2015. De La Hoya wasn’t sure by September 2016, but both he and Hopkins were by September 2017. Both were very sure that Canelo KO’s Golovkin in May 2018.

I think he was too.

It may be hard to imagine Golovkin as Johnny Fontane singing to Don Corleone—but I have. Trump hates Mexico and thinks he’s The Godfather anyway.

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