Ex Heavyweight Champ Michael Bentt Analyzes Ruiz vs. Joshua Rematch



Ex Heavyweight Champ Michael Bentt Analyzes Ruiz vs. Joshua Rematch

The Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua fight will be competitive, just as the first fight- only this time the viewing audience won't be as surprised by the fight's said “competitiveness.”

For AJ, what he can't do is try to fight off of the “emotion” and memories of the last fights circumstances. 

Easier said than done!

For Andy, in Saudi Arabia,  it'll be to remind AJ of what he experienced the last time; cracking open the contents of the “safe” and using what AJ is fully cognizant of :

“You knocked me down. That was nothing. I knocked you down and you quit. And if I did it once I can do it again.”

It's definitely Andy's fight to lose, as all the chips stack up in his favor.

Let's make a sharp left turn, shall we and momentarily put our analysis in the context of baseball..


It's George Brett…

versus Dave Kingman. 

Huh, Part2!

George Brett was complete in every facet of the game not unlike Senior Ruiz. Yes. I said it. Andy Ruiz is a complete fighter.

And Kingman? He was big, imposing, launched shots to Saturn and back and could hurt a pitcher big time if said hurler made a mistake, but he was limited in baseball terms.

And that's not to diss or disparage, just an observation. Similarly AJ has his limits.

We all have them, limitations, and very few of us can claim to be All Around Level Ten Talented in any field or endeavor.

Yet, George Brett was a complete overall talent defensively, hitting for average and or power.

Baseball and boxing are obviously different yet Andy Ruiz wears those All Around Talented cleats quite “comfortably.”

And therein lies the difference.

The moment of truth will be when what occurs after either AJ or Andy are hurt, aka, shook up. 

Andy knows how to survive and come back. Whereas AJ isn't quite as comfortable in the space of being hurt, i.e, being exposed. 

I am an admirer of both of them- I don't know Anthony or Andy but they seem like a sincere and good dudes for A List superstars.

But being sincere and good dudes doesn't determine who wins or loses boxing matches. What does? 

Need, pedigree, talent and the burning fire of temperament!

I'm of the opinion that the only way Andy loses is if he succumbs to the rigors of “overnight” burnout, i.e, being in the game at an elite level for too long. 

Alas, a vast majority of winning and losing is between the ears.


Michael Bentt won the WBO heavyweight title in 1993, downing Tommy Morrison. He is a successful actor, and writer.