Errol Spence Jr Tells Shawn Porter ‘Let’s Run It Back!’; Danny Garcia Be Like ‘Nah’



Errol Spence Jr Tells Shawn Porter ‘Let’s Run It Back!’; Danny Garcia Be Like ‘Nah’

As Porter whispered loudly into the mic about a rematch, if I’m Spence, I thinking about what Floyd did when Jose Luis Castillo put up a performance to demand one. What Marcos Maidana did, to make Floyd be like: “Nah. We runnin that back.”

From the recent “Shawn Porter Showed Us The Truth About Errol Spence Jr”, the reaction in this column to the instant classic Spence Vs Porter on Septermber 28, 2019

I don't know if I'm the Rodney Dangerfield of fight writers, but its not like NYFs doesn't get ‘any respect at all'. We fuckin do. Shortly after the release of the above article, the newly unified welterweight champion appeared to take to heart some of the admonition from that article as indicated above; but mainly in context; due to the major advantage Porter enjoyed last Saturday night: special conditioning. In the aforementioned piece, I mentioned:

“Porter was able to put a welterweight iteration of Henry Armstrong rehydrated to a solid 160lbs in there with a somewhat spent version of Spence. Not to make any excuses for Spence, but that’s “The Truth”. Errol was exactly what Mikey Garcia faced, which is a fighter that nearly overwhelmed a special super lightweight in Mikey. Team Porter said, “Ok.. let’s see if you can overwhelm a true super welterweight trained with modern science.”

As I scoured my mind for historic reference to what I'd witnessed from Spence, a big version of featherweight legend Sandy Saddler from the southpaw stance came crashing into view. Still, that was enough to derail a massive Henry Armstrong, as a not-quite-spent Spence, was able to do what Adrien Broner did to a Porter who'd weighed in at 144lbs a few years ago, and that's drop him late with a left hand. Now having said that, the only reason that Porter went down against AB, is because he was somewhat spent.

To be clear, Shawn Porter is now a generational great. Since Hall of Fame candidates dropped this week, I don't think he's on the way to Canastota, but he might put in enough overtime to earn that distinction. He has done that in each and every fight every day of his life. But “The Truth” is, Errol Spence has seen their fight now and studied it well, with a vivid recollection of the “feeling” that I saw on the Wednesday prior to their fight: he was killing himself to get make weight; meanwhile, I'm sitting there saying to myself, “Damn. Porter sounds and looks great.” If Spence puts in overtime and matches the disciplined approach of Porter, then the rematch, in my estimation, is a foregone conclusion. Errol Spence Jr would, in fact, hammer Shawn Porter into submission in 9 or 10 rounds if that rematch gets signed. But if it doesn't, and promoters Bob Arum (who said Spence/Porter did 170K PPV to Mike Coppinger's 350'ish and somebodies lying and it probably ain't Bob) and Al Haymon can just get Terence Crawford a fucking litmus test with Porter (which I think is the right play), we'll know if legends like Andre Ward is smoking too much “Bud” for believing Omaha's icon is the best in the world, or if Porter really is a modern Henry Armstrong and a first ballot Hall of Fame fighter.

That may be the best case scenario, because if Spence has to wait for the whole “Let's run it back!” situation with Porter, this means Danny “Swift” Garcia just signed up for shit's creek with one paddle on a boat named “Fallen Angel” and his father's bullhorn. After the fight, DSG, had cameras following him through the bowels of Staples Center in a state of euphoria. He'd just challenged Spence — for real, in the ring with an affirmative, Philadelphia bold “I got NEXT”. Independent media started asking Swift some questions and Danny told “The Truth”, because, well, that's what Philly does.

“He's never faced a person who can hit as hard as me — and he likes to stay there, that's why I like this fight so much,” DSG told FightHypeTV, before getting even more specific providing excellent coverage for PBC along with Keith Thurman. “He (Porter) backed him up a lot. I never backed up like that; he didn't back me up like that. That was a rough, rugged fight. With mine (with Porter) … I'm more tactical, so its hard to make me look like that. He can fight, I take nothing away from him (Spence). But definitely beatable.”

He's right, but I think stylistically, DSG would have a very different type of Lamont Peterson in front of him, who if they'd fought in an old school 15 round affair, gets DSG out of there in those championship rounds. Spence would most likely remind us of the menace who bludgeoned, butchered and essentially finished Lamont Peterson the fighter, for the “Swift” in Danny Garcia doesn't apply to his feet or athleticism. But DSG is such a trap setting striker with sudden power — he very well could make it through shit's creek, along with Angel's bullhorn ladies and gentlemen. But I doubt it. As for Crawford Vs Porter, I'm not going to disrespect Shawn by comparing him to Jeff Horn, but the fact remains he has seen a rugged style with a big welterweight. If we throw in proven late rounds voltage owed to Bud's 12th round execution of former future legend and a game Jose Benavidez, I see Crawford gradually controlling and stopping Porter in sensational fashion, to set up the ultimate superfight we want: Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr Vs Terence “Bud” Crawford.                

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