Is Deontay Wilder The Best Heavyweight Alive?



Is Deontay Wilder The Best Heavyweight Alive?


“Iron” Mike Tyson was also called the “Baddest Man On The Planet” and we believed it. He showed us, while parting seas of humanity that came out to witness his punishing brand of violence. Evander Holyfield called himself the “Real Deal” and we believed him. Because he showed us. Lennox Lewis was just… Lennox “F*cking” Lewis. Unquestioned best heavyweight on the planet.

Deontay Wilder is just, well, Deontay Wilder. Hear me out. As a fan, I get excited about the “idea of Wilder”, but it doesn't support reality. I love Wilder's aura and TV ready package, but it just doesn't translate into transcendent ring performances as his gaudy record of 38-0 (37 KOs) would indicate.

Because he's the WBC heavyweight champion of the worId, Wilder is correctly measured against his contemporaries. I personally consider Anthony Joshua an “A” fighter despite a low pedigree; and see a 2017 Wladimir Klitschko as a diminished B+ fighter due to attrition. I can't see either of them losing four straight rounds to Gerald Washington.

In analyzing Wilder's game, he seems no better than Michael Grant from way back. If you check the opinion of cryptic fans on social media, Washington even had the look of a fighter who was doing a little better than he was supposed to, before the realization of, “Oh No! I need to lose!” before getting caught with a right hand in the 5th. The ref couldn't wait to stop the fight.

Now, comes word that Wilder will once again face Bermane Stiverne in a rematch of their early 2015 encounter. I don't understand the need for a rematch considering Wilder was dominant in a UD victory. Deontay was impressive against Stiverme– who to date is the best fighter he's faced. He's simply regressed since then.

Again, this is the WBC heavyweight champion, and I wouldn't pick him to beat Tyson Fury. Luis Ortiz would destroy him. We won't even talk about what Anthony Joshua would do to him. He's missing dimension and fundamentals.

I like Clubber Lang's chances over Deontay Wilder.

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