Demond Nicholson Has A 2020 Vision



Demond Nicholson Has A 2020 Vision

In the sport of boxing, sometimes media and fans forget that the warriors in the ring put their health on the line for our viewing pleasure and they are human beings just like anyone else.

Adversity is something we all deal with at one point or the other in life and what makes us who we are is the way we handle it and grow from the experience.

Demond “D’Best at It” Nicholson (22-3-1) is a twenty-seven year old super middleweight from Laurel, Maryland, who has overcome adversity throughout his whole life.

Demond Nicholson was near death in 2019 so he's looking forward to making 2020 a leap in progress year.

Nicholson battled bank from the brink, literally, in 2019, and believes that the ordeal has given him renewed strength.

Last February, I had the pleasure of interviewing Demond while introducing him to an audience that may not have heard of him or his journey as a professional boxer.

A month after the interview, Nicholson picked up a TKO victory against Jessie Nicklow (27-9-3), which set him up for a fight on a high profile card in Virginia that was headlined by Jarrett Hurd and Julian Williams. Things seemed to be going as scheduled until shortly after the weigh-in; Nicholson was not feeling well. Because of extreme dehydration, he was rushed to the hospital where kidney failure was discovered.

Nicholson's life was on the line and the sport he loved was in danger of being an afterthought. He spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital and his long road to recovery lasted about five months.  Nicholson is a tough fighter but has an even tougher spirit and he was not going to allow this latest setback to stop him from accomplishing his goals in life ,which is to one day be a world champion. While having that championship spirit, he partnered with the National Kidney Foundation so that he can share his story and experience with others.

Nicholson worked hard and made his return to the ring in October, against Devaun Lee (10-6-1),  which led to a unanimous decision victory. In an effort to make up for lost time, he was quickly set up for this upcoming fight, which takes place Friday Night at the Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, MD, on a card promoted by Jeter Promotions.

His opponent is 39 year old Mike Guy (12-4-1), who was born in Los Angeles and currently resides in Sacramento, CA.  Although some may look at Mike’s record and not take him seriously, he was specifically chosen because of his very credible past opponents like Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Ali Akhmedov. Guy is going to use that veteran experience to try to give Nicholson fits and squeeze out an upset. It’s up to Nicholson to show him why he goes by the nick name “D Best at It.”

Nicholson knows that in order for him to get a crack at those champions at super middleweight, he has to remain busy and continue to showcase his talents while looking impressive each and every time out.

The question now becomes, which champion does he want to go after? Since he is with Dibella Entertainment, that really gives him options on any “side of the street” as Lou Dibella has successfully conducted business with all promoters… so it’s really up to Demond to position himself for that shot through his performances this year.

Demond Nicholson is one of the good guys in the sport, who always makes time for the media and fans, which makes people want to see him succeed in his boxing career. With that 2020 vision, will Demond Nicholson finally have the opportunity to showcase his skills on a televised event and position himself for a world title this year? First things first, he has to defeat Mike Guy and then huddle up with his team to see what opportunities lie in the immediate future.

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