Charlo’s Angels



Charlo’s Angels

There was an invisible voice on the phone surrounded by ringcard girls saying they both should have lost, and they did. 

New WBC super welterweight champion Tony Harrison (28-2, 21KOs) ring general'd his way past ineffective aggressor Jermell Charlo (27-1, 21KOs) via dental floss thin UD, before a nearly identical Jermall Charlo (32-0, 15KOs) barely ring general'd his way past a very effective aggressor in Matt Korobov (28-2, 14KOs).

“I felt like Jermell made his fight harder than it was,' said a somber interim WBC middleweight champion. I had a really tough opponent, but he wasn't better than me. There was a lot on my mind in the ring.”

Sometimes, the only voices that matter in the mind are the many faceless in the crowd who determine a winner; and this pugnacious (there were two unforgettable brawls), weed smoking (permeating the arena and bathrooms) crowd that seemingly overwhelmed security has decided the Charlos are losers. Alas, the plan to unveil a different set of Mayweather clones may be up in smoke. 

If Al Haymon speaks, then everyone should've already Hurd by now that “Swift” Jarrett saw no need to storm the ring. If Eddie Hearn is listening, then he's thinking about making a deal with Al to buy fallen stock for Canelo and DAZN. If Barclays Center played host to The Charlo Brothers on Saturday night, co-starring Canelo, GGG or Daniel Jacobs, all 9,177 in the building would've witnessed the demolition of the twins.  

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The Charlos are a collection of temperamental wind up dolls of limited variety and dimension. Like retractable machines on auto pilot, they seem averse to direction and coaching; overly reliant on a narcissistic physicality built around superficial punching power. Not that they don't have it– it's just not what they think it is. 

-GGG V Jermall Charlo

Matt Korobov, all of 35 years-old and a booster's special of GGG, proved that 36 year-old free agent Gennady Golovkin would impale Jermall Charlo. With his predictable cadence and shot preference locked into a mind of methodical attack, GGG would time Jermall with the most punishing weapon in his arsenal – his jab, using it to get inside and expose a poor inside game with patented left hooks to the ribs and thudding overhand rights up top. This is all after absorbing his best power shots and self-esteem, knocking them both into the laptops of ringside reporters rubbing their palms.

Triple G would absolutely get Jermall Charlo Davey Moore'd on some Roberto Duran redemption shit, so if that's next– and it's supposed to be, then Golovkin will again look like a monster in 2019 prior to completing a trilogy with Alvarez.

-Daniel Jacobs V Jermall Charlo 

Jermall Charlo and Danny Jacobs talking it out in March of 2018 at Barclays Center.

If this was IBF champion Daniel Jacobs in front of Charlo last night (the one that got in Jermall's face back in March at Barclays), the Texan gets comprehensively outboxed before being stopped late. It's done in the same way Bernard Hopkins completely nullified Felix Trinidad before the lullaby. Same type of fight.

Canelo V Jermell Charlo  

Let's say that Jermell Charlo really had the very best Christmas present he could've ever asked for, which is Canelo Alvarez in front of him, instead of Tony Harrison on Saturday night. If “Super Bad” outslicked Jermell he didn't outgun him, on the way to a decision Charlo earned but didn't deserve. In visualizing what Jermell's approach to Canelo might have looked like, the Mexican icon's annihilation of James Kirkland comes to mind. 

Whether souped up off of sparring sessions with Errol Spence Jr (let's not forget, the purpose of that is work in the gym) or really believing that everything he'd hit would turn into Erickson Lubin, Charlo would come after Canelo with the same arrogant aggression he uses on a journalist, before getting inked in blood by an Alvarez who throws everything at Jermell but the damn typewriter. It would be Max Schmeling V Joe Louis I to the enth degree and we'd love it. 

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Know why? Because The Charlos are so easy to not cheer for, making them something like the fight game's modern “Bad Boys,” the Detroit Pistons during the Michael Jordan era. That group walked through the gauntlet of MJ, Magic and Bird. These guys are Houston Rockets, whole heartedly believing they're better than Lebron, Kyrie or Steph while struggling with the Brooklyn Nets. What made Mayweather somewhat easy to tolerate were skills anyone found hard not to celebrate. With ‘The Charlo Brothers' it becomes, ‘And I'm putting up with all of this nonsense for what?”

History does not beckon. I think it's safe to say that the two aren't candidates to be PPV saviors. As long as it's opined in some circles that Willie Monroe Jr got shafted and gives ‘The Charlo Brothers' an 0-2 mark for the evening, then they're nothing to write home about unless its to NASA. In which case the letter reads: “Houston, we have a problem.” But it's not like they need your thoughts and prayers to speak to their demons. The only voice they hear is their own.

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