Canelo V GGG 2 [Vol.II]: Bad Beef



Canelo V GGG 2 [Vol.II]: Bad Beef

“I did lose all respect for him. Canelo is not the biggest name in boxing, just the biggest scandal. 

Gennady Golovkin, on his clenbuterol flavored beef with Canelo


It might just outsell sex. After watching “Canelo V GGG 2“, the latest installment in the 24/7 series from the always excellent HBO, it’s clear that the actual star has consumed and tainted “The Big Drama Show.”   

Floyd Mayweather ordered unknown lbs of it before negotiations finally even got underway with Manny Pacquiao. In fact, he ordered enough to wind up in court and lose…until he won. Neither before nor since had Pacquiao been accused of anything beyond the still unsolved “A-side Meth” silliness infamously attached to Pac-Man by Uncle Roger in a way that had lawyers looking to gobble him up. Since the fight was already epic among real fight fans and huge with casuals, it didn't need any “bad beef” unless Clenbuterol (or, in this case, Olympic-style drug testing) could do for it what baking soda does for crack salesmen. For the rat bastard executive of boxing (essentially a bourgeois upper class crack dealer) eager to fleece fight fans into beans ‘n rice over the mere scent of Wagyu beef on PPV,  spreading out and diluting the product – no matter how annoying or uncalled for – is worth it to make “Money.”

Was Canelo truly suspended? Or was the rematch simply postponed to exploit another Mexican day of honor revolving around the maligned star of the event? Golovkin's respect n this model, they need someone to become hate or fear in order for them to love the profit. If the house always wins, it’s only because they know how to beat the guests. Guess who that would be?  

“Greed… is good,” said Gordon Gekko, legendary asshole and the Bernie Madeoff of cinema while the younger version watched himself in “Wall Street.” I'd never heard of Clenbuterol before, but I figured once it was added to some very thick parts of a cow's ass to chew on south of Texas, it could only give new meaning to “We don't fuck around in Mexico”. After a bad decision, some taco munching and finger-licking that turned into finger pointing, it became: “Wait a minute, I don't fuck around… I'm from Mexico!” 

Despite being “the draw,” Canelo lost to Golovkin if we keep this real, who did everything he could to hide the ‘sore loser' all over his face last September 16th at the post fight presser. We didn't know what kind of pill Eddy Reynoso gave Canelo after a strange weigh-in. We were all mad at a Byrd watcher named Adelaide and suspicious of Golden Boy for possibly tampering with the officiating. So this ‘scandal', beyond insulting and indicting an entire nation caught up in an immigration controversy with Donald Trump and the U.S., has broader implications for an entire meat industry that may now have a beef with Mexico, specifically, because of its iconic fighter. And Golovkin, never known for trash talking, has riled Canelo in a way Mayweather never did to sell a rematch bigger than the first.

The pot, which has been known to be called black by the kettle, is being stirred by Triple G just as GGG continues to thicken the plot. In Kazakhstan, beef is usually boiled and served by the host in the order of the guest's importance. Golovkin may not have any real beef for Canelo, but that doesn't mean he's not boiling on the stove either. “He's a swindler, and anyone who supports him is a swindler too,” spilled Golovkin, all but demanding that Canelo come out from the opening bell ready to solve things mano y mano. Will it work? Absolutely.   

The rematch between a wrathful Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34KOs) and a vengeance filled Gennady Golovkin (38-0-1, 34KOs) will probably be closer to a war between the brilliant counterpunching acumen and intelligence of Juan Manuel Marquez against the punishing blunt force assault of Kostya Tszyu. As the two best middleweights begin a descent for Las Vegas and fight week, their arrivals will coincide with a moment of truth on September 16. And this time, the results will triumph over reasons.

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