Canelo V Chavez: From Dusk Till Dawn



Canelo V Chavez: From Dusk Till Dawn
On September 14, 2002, I had perhaps the best birthday celebration of my life.
Way before “The Hangover,” the culmination of a long road trip from Tampa with a couple of close friends ended at around dusk on that Saturday night in Las Vegas.

We arrived in time to see “Bad Blood”, or, Oscar De La Hoya vs Fernando Vargas. We talked about the thrill of that fight until the break of dawn.

Fernando Vargas hated Oscar De La Hoya with a fucking passion. How bad you wonder? Compared to the scornful contempt between them, Floyd Mayweather would be the Best Man of Manny Pacquiao were he to renew vows with wife Jinkee.

During this past week of promotions , Mexican matinee idol Canelo Alvarez gave every indication (particularly, during an international media conference call on Tuesday) he fucking hates Julio Cesar Chavez Jr even more. “He [JCCjr] says so many stupid, STUPID things!” said a cinnamon red haired and faced angry Canelo.

Here's a very small reason to believe that, and why Canelo V Chavez on May 6 @T-Mobile Arena in Sin City will be ‘Deuces Wild'.

“I can say 1000 things about him, but the facts are there. Look at who stated that he didn't belong at a certain weight [at 160] and look at what weight he's fighting at in May [at 164],” sneered an instigated JCCjr. “The people saw who turned away from Gennady Golovkin, who gave him a belt and who fought with a fighter [Amir Khan] who was not in his weight division. They are not things I'm saying, they are things that are there and all the people and fans are saying it.”

He uh, welp… He wasn't done.

Jr also alluded to ‘people dancing around or were singing songs trying to be an artist.' This was obviously major shade at De La Hoya. He even dropped that “The Golden Boy” used ‘women for fame'. Jr may have forgotten that his Dad, while at the height of his fame, was smashing the ridiculously hot star of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” Salma Hayek, at the height of her own.

Did I mention Oscar De La Hoya beat the shit out of his father? Twice?

Oh no, you don't wanna miss May 6.

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