King Canelo Takes IBF Crown Off Game Caleb Plant, Grabs Rd 11 TKO



King Canelo Takes IBF Crown Off Game Caleb Plant, Grabs Rd 11 TKO

Caleb Plant did really well Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Vegas against Canelo Alvarez. He proved he belonged, but only to a point. The Mexican leader of the pugilism pack ground Plant down and then bore in, scoring two knockdowns in the climactic round 11. The end came when Álvarez, now 57-1-2, ripped left hooks and two nasty rights, sending the man from Tennessee to the mat. Ref Russell Mora saw the 29 year old Plant, drunk from uppercuts, hooks and crosses to the chin, on his back, out of it, and waved his hands.

Canelo Alvarez celebrates after ref decides Caleb Plant can’t continue in round 11 of their super middleweight battle.

Did you not think Plant would hear the final bell?

The red head has all the super middleweight belts now, and undeniable status as the lead man for the sport, one with the potential to transcend to a higher level of fame, not Ali or Tyson level, but in a still rarified neighborhood.

Canelo spoke to Jim Gray after and said he was happy that his legend is growing. The 31 year old repping Guadalajara gave Plant props, and said the underdog is a solid boxer.

He wore a king’s crown—yes, he is savvy in helping push narrative trends—and ear drums rattled when he yelled “Viva, México.” And Canelo also made sure to convey that Plant, now 21-1, apologized to him for the motherfucker matter.

This is Canelo’s 18 win in a title fight, and he’s now passed Julio Cesar Chavez as the nation’s premier pugilist, arguably.

Plant comes out having won to a degree, a large degree. His paycheck was grand, and he looked like he’d make it the distance, so he won over lots of doubters, and haters who don’t dig his hardass public persona. The skilled technician might have twinged Álvarez slightly, but didn’t near buckle him. Plant sure did make Canelo miss a heckuva lot. But it was clear by round three that he’d not be over committing to offense, to give him the best chance to go the full 12. Instead, he went almost the full 12, but he gained a bucket of fans who acknowledge his skill set.

But no, Canelo wasn’t going to let that happen. He wanted to give the assembled their pound of flesh.

That’s what makes him that much more compelling as an attraction, Canelo has Hollywood leading man looks, he could be in the running if they want to do a spiced up James Bond re-boot, and he likes to finish foes, with a Bond villain’s efficiency.

Yes, the crown fits, Canelo wears it well, long live this king, THE fighting pride of Mexico.

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