Busier Work Rate of Shawn Porter Convinces Judges To Give Him UD12 Over Garcia



Busier Work Rate of Shawn Porter Convinces Judges To Give Him UD12 Over Garcia

Shawn Porter bound into the ring at Barclays Center like a football player. He was running, obviously amped to the gills, ready for some combat. Danny Garcia came in calmer and cooler, with more of the masses behind him, no surprise since he’s a Philly guy, on Saturday night.

The WBC 147 crown was up for grabs, so the stakes were a bit higher than you’d expect being that both had been handled by Keith Thurman, who sat ringside and took in the action.

Porter acted more like a coach-player combo, showing effective aggression and a composed manner, as he didn’t rush in and get timed. He got off and got out, he’d hold his ground and not fall in, and get torn up. He was the busier man, the judges decided. By scores of 116-112, 115-113, 115-113, Shawn Porter got the decision after 12 rounds of coinflip action. He was controlled most of the time, and he brought just enough chaos to show the judges he maybe wanted the win more.

And he threw it 270 more times than Danny did,  according to CompuBox. He worked harder, in the eyes of the judges.

I had to 5-5-2, a draw, from my seat.

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Garcia has taken more time off of late, slowing down to enjoy father-hood, and he came in at 34-1 and 146 pounds. Porter, always ready for a rumble and simply constrained by the age we are in, was 28-2-1 and 147 pounds, after dropping trou at the weigh in.

Porter has been as amped and hyped and confident as I remember him in the leadup. He said he really badly wanted that WBC strap, and has been wearing green to show that preference. Garcia, meanwhile, made clear he thought Porter’s skills were too rudimentary for the likes of him.

They sorted it out, two guys who’d held belt before…

In round one, the Garcia left hook looked to be in heat-seeking mode. A right, late in the round, buzzed Porter. Garcia was timing him well.

In the second, the pace was Danny’s. And Porter realized he was getting caught coming in in the first. Shawn backed up more, seeking to change the dynamic from round one.

In the third, Garcia made Porter miss a bunch. The Ohioan’s bull rushes Garcia saw from far away. A loooong right, with head down, snapped Porter, and maybe won Danny the round.

In the fourth, Porter was busier, and he gauged distance better. He wasn’t trying to swarm, it was smart aggression.

In the fifth, we saw a tight round. Lots of misses, lots of lil clinches. Coin flip round.

In the sixth, Porter showed effective aggression. He get off and then not fall in, and he’d stand his ground.

In the seventh, Porter missed when he loaded up. But he attacked more, maybe sent the message that he wanted it more. One counter right from Danny looked solid. Tight, tight round.

In the eighth, against Porter didn’t chase. He was backing up, giving ground, then stepping forward and firing. Danny slipped a bunch, smartly. He’s defenesively very underrated. Porter seemed to be working smarter and harder.

In the ninth, Danny got busier and won the round. He wasn’t a windmiller, but he was throwing more and making Porter defend, instead of picking and choosing his spots. The two best power punches were Danny’s. Also, Danny upped his jab count.

In the 10th, Danny landed the cleaner and harder shots. It was a solid round, the best of the fight.

To 11; the aggressor took it. Shawn imposed his will on Danny, being busier.

Danny wasn’t super busy early but he came on late and maybe stole the 12th. Razor thing margin here. To the cards we’d go.

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