Brandon Figueroa, Age 22, Builds The Buzz With KO Win on FS1



Brandon Figueroa, Age 22, Builds The Buzz With KO Win on FS1

Brandon Figueroa‘s brand is getting more love and attention, and “The Heartbreaker” helped that along by taking down Javier Chacon on Saturday, in Texas, and on FS1.

The main event from the Ogden Arena, in Texas, pitted the Texan against an Argentine. The WBA super bantam crown, an “interim” version, was around Brandon's waist.

Chacon, age 38, his face spoke so louldy, before the bout. Grizzled visage, eyes that have seen more looking at the good looking kid, who is blessed athletically and aesthetically…could the vet flip that script?

In the first, we saw BF flurrying, swarming, looking to end it early. Lefty, squared up, BF was in looking to hurt mode. Now righty, BF swung and switched stance by the end of that launch. Figueroa flurried hard late in the second, his lefty stance had him ripping undnerneath with lefts, bulling Chacon to the ropes, and seek to hurt the underdog.

Big bro Omar Figueroa said as the third round started to the announce team  that Chacon wasn't showing much. Lean on him, make him pay, Omar offered to lil bro. Back to work–BF stayed in the face of Chacon, and Chacon didn't budge much. He was not being a mover, not at all. Chacon then went to center ring, and moved the hands, and the feet, a bit more.

The fourth–we saw BF's hand speed drop a bit. He stayed aggressive, and again backed Chacon into the ropes. And then to the mat, a knockdown..and he didn't beat the count. KO win, ad the joint erupted.

The stats…After two minutes elapsed in the fourth…BF went 96-297 to 18-69 for the loser.

Hear more from the current fighting pride of Edinburg, Texas, (20:17) and what he thinks of his home town.

NOTE: Stephen Fulton, from Philly,  and Brandon faced off in center ring after the win. Fulton said he'd fight him, and it would be easy work.

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