Blair Cobbs: Flair For The Gold



Blair Cobbs: Flair For The Gold

One of the most charismatic fighters in the sport returns this Saturday night on DAZN as the co-main event in chief support of Vergil Ortiz Jr. (18-0) vs. Michael McKinson (21-0). I can only be talking about the one and only Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (15-0-1). He has a tough challenge ahead of him as he faces Alexis Rocha (18-1), whose only loss came at the hands of Rashidi Ellis (23-0) in October of 2020.

As interesting as “The Flair” is in the ring, the story of Blair Cobbs the man is something that would make for a film in years to come. Everything from his father spending time in prison to Blair cutting his teeth down in Mexico as a fighter it’s something that you won’t hear about when thinking of a guy from Philadelphia, PA.

Most see The Flair come out when the lights are bright and the cameras are on, but I was more interested in speaking to Blair Cobbs this time around. Not beating around the bush, I asked him who is Blair Cobbs in 2022. The thirty-two-year-old welterweight told NYF, “A citizen of the world and continuing to inspire the youth. Becoming a true power force financially and just in status. Making a difference for my African American and Latino people and just making a difference in the world. There are a lot of things going on. I’m not just a fighter. I’m the people’s champ, and I want to make sure I put my imprint on the world.”

Can Blair Cobbs capitalize off of the attention he demands?

Towards the end of that statement, Blair was heading towards the character of The Flair but quickly brought it back as he knew I wanted to get into much more. Speaking of keeping it Blair, we went into the topic of fatherhood, which always tugs on the heartstrings for the majority of the people you ask. Cobbs is a father of two: a two-year-old baby girl (Hyland Wildfire Cobbs) and an eight-year-old son (Blair Sultry Cobbs). When he mentions them, his smile reaches both ears, and his mood quickly shifts to one being a proud father. Cobbs said, “My two-year-old definitely lives up to her name. She is hot fire. Hyland Wildfire Cobbs is very interesting and has a personality. Blair Sultry Cobbs is such a sweetheart and very smart.”

As we slowly transition into The Flair, I wanted to know about all of the things Cobbs is into outside of the ring. Blair told NYF, “I’m living like a Rockstar. I play the guitar, sing, dance, and going through mental health. I’m a family man. I have two children who I try to spend as much time with them as I can. It’s something growing from who you were to the person you are now. Trying to keep relationships together and being a sane Christian man. (Laughs) It isn’t easy, but we are going to continue to work on it.”

Now we are in full-blown Flair mode, and we started to discuss his role as a part-time broadcaster. When he was out of the ring, Blair was given opportunities to help call fights with Triller and Beto Duran on the Golden Boy Facebook watch cards. Most of the time, The Flair is in full effect on these cards as he wears no shirts and gives you plenty of wooos. How difficult is it to prepare for these cards as a commentator? Cobbs said, “Everything feels normal once the camera comes on. I had the best time calling fights for Triller as they let me do things that no one else would. I was the first Ring Card Man and the first fighter to actually work the camera during a fight. It was the first in many things that night, and I enjoyed being part of the growth of boxing.”

Blair Cobbs with the Golden Boy himself Oscar De La Hoya. Photo Credit: Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

Cobbs continued “Sometimes we get caught up with statistics when it comes to sports. People want to be entertained, which is why we have Youtubers (laughs). Now is the time for Blair The Flair. Never fear, Blair The Flair is here. (Laughs)” The transition from Blair Cobbs to The Flair is interesting and one that you have to witness yourself to appreciate it.

Blair Cobbs hasn’t been as busy inside the ring as he has hoped in the last couple of years. He had one fight in 2020 and 2021, respectively, which has become frustrating for the welterweight who now resides in Las Vegas. Did he have an injury, or is there something we are all missing? Blair said, “It’s mostly due to a fight not materializing. I’ve been going back and forth with GBP. I’m just going through the most nonsense. It’s a very grueling process. I just want to make sure that people know it’s never too late to be great. People are trying to count me out because I’m thirty-two. I just started living, and I’m at the best part of my life.”

The business of boxing is complicated, and sometimes, you are put in the position where matchmakers have to see who is ready for the next step in their boxing career. Robert Diaz from GBP is one of the best matchmakers in the game, and he puts fighters in tough, especially when he needs to know who to advance within the division. Blair has some thoughts on the topic and says, “I just see it as the same as always. I’ve been through multiple ‘make it or break it’ fights. 2019 was nothing but make it or break it fights. Nothing makes me more comfortable than being in the fire.”

Cobbs continued “A lot of people thought Brad Solomon would beat me. He had two months to prepare for me versus two weeks against Vergil Ortiz Jr. Who did it better? Blair the Flair.” That answer triggered a thought in my mind that the rumors of a potential clash with Ortiz Jr. is on the radar for Cobbs. Something to look out for if both men are victorious this weekend.

Blair Cobbs is never afraid to speak his mind when given the platform. Photo Credit: Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

As we head towards the end of the call with the next member of the media patiently waiting, I asked Blair to give me his expectations and final thoughts on his fight this Saturday night live on DAZN. Cobbs told NYF, “Expect excitement. Blair The Flair continues to put on exciting fights with top contenders. We are not pussyfooting around with easy fights. I could lose, but I will win, and that’s what it is about. Could you face the odds and win? Blair The Flair believes so and that he is great. For more exciting content, visit woooo!”

My Three Cents

Blair Cobbs is an interesting person in and out of the ring. He does bring a certain level of excitement for his fights, and you need that in the sport with plenty of introverted personalities. Blair The Flair Cobbs is fighting this Saturday night, and one thing is for sure, he will do his best to entertain you from start to finish. As Ric Flair famously says, “Diamonds are forever, and so is Ric Flair.” Let’s see if Blair Cobbs is forever and can ride the momentum wave to a title shot soon.

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