Arum Remark Spurs Recharged Speculation About Condition Of Errol Spence



Arum Remark Spurs Recharged Speculation About Condition Of Errol Spence

He'd edged up the pound for pound ladder faster than anyone else in the last year plus, and you had to figure he still had his prime to come. Errol Spence had to work hard to beat Shawn Porter, and after he got that not easily earned victory, he admitted he'd need to take it all a notch more seriously.

I won't blow up in between fights, the Texan said. And so we waited for his next scrap, and held out hope, and then got a bit more optimistic that we'd see this generation's Hagler-Hearns in a Spence vs Terence Crawford fight, in the latter half of 2020.

Then fate did an ugly intercession. We woke up to news, bad news, but yeah, could have been worse. Spence had been partying, drinking, and chose to drive. He drove to fast after carousing, and lost control of his sports car, which flipped, and sent him flying.

A man, so durable, and built for combat, was not meant to fly. But, after we saw some video, and heard that Spence was actually in decent shape for having been ejected from his racing auto, we marveled. This seemed a major miracle, and you hopefully thought of the fact that the 29 year old has two girls, two daughters, and wasn't it a blessing they'd see and enjoy their dad.

“Errol Spence Jr., undefeated IBF and WBC unified welterweight world champion, was involved in a serious, single-car accident in Dallas early Thursday morning and is being treated at a Dallas-area hospital. Spence is awake and responding and his condition is listed as stable. He did not sustain any broken bones or fractures, but has some facial lacerations. He is expected to make a full recovery,” read the PBC release on Oct. 11, after the shocking combo thrown by fate Oct. 10.

And since then, we've seen a mug shot photo, and then a pic posted to social media, Spence with some pals, but we the people haven't seen him. There's been no news releases. And maybe that made you nervous. Radio silence, what did that mean? Many speculated, and some were lying if they said they didn't. Is the kid really OK? No broken bones, no fractures, that's wild….But why haven't we seen him? Why the disappearance from public life?

Can't say, don't know.

On Thursday, boxing promoter Bob Arum did an interview with Kugan Cassius, and he told the journo that he'd been told that Spence would be out of commission for a long spell. Therefore, there's no reason to touch on the possibility of a fight between Terence Crawford and the man who held the IBF welterweight crown. Holds, I guess we can still say…

You know Arum, he's 88, gives not even half a fuck. He called Andy Ruiz a bum for being close to 300 pounds against Anthony Joshua, in the Cassius chat, and he also sent boxing Twitter abuzz by saying that, “I don't think (Spence vs Crawford) will happen next year, I don't think it'll happen the year after. It's not because promoters don't want it to happen, it's because I have grave doubts that Errol Spence will be back in the ring in the foreseeable future, unfortunate as that may be. And I have received some inside intelligence that allows me to say that. So let's pass on Errol Spence, until we see him face to face, until he appears in public, until we can establish he's ready to go back to the ring, it's unfortunate, but let's not talk about it. He's a lovely young man, it was a horrible accident he had, let's leave it at that.” Arum said he didn't want to share where he heard about Spence's condition, but he called it “very good information.”

A friend on the PBC side of the street soon after that video dropped scoffed, and said no, Arum doesn't know the deal on how Spence is. Not long after that, we saw a Tweet from Mike “Sources” Coppinger. He said he'd been told by someone in the know that Spence will indeed be back in the swing of things.

We can hope.

The comeback by Spence will be a big damn deal. It will be a relief when, as Arum says, we see the Texan moving and talking, so all speculation can cease, that will be a happy day.

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